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The Grand Scheme

I was ministering to a middle-aged gentleman the other day who seems to perceive the world as always coming against him. Though he says he believes in God and Jesus as Savior he is always wanting to know WHY God allows this, that or the other to afflict his life. Woe is me at all times! Why won’t God help me?sunrise

A few weeks earlier he had an unfortunate encounter with Police Officers coming to his home and in his “the world is against me” attitude he had a physical encounter with one of the officers. Needless to say, he will be in court soon attempting to stay out of jail.

That afternoon he called me to let me know how terrible his life was going and to ask (once again) why God would allow him to suffer such struggles? He protested and whined at how God must be ignoring his plight. I told him God likely had a plan to teach him to stop whining so incessantly!  Yes I did.  Ooops!picture0420161306_1

I then asked him (we’ll call him, Pip) “Hey Pip, what if God wants you in jail for a while so you can minister to crowds of sinners who need Jesus?”

“Why would God do that to me?” he replied rather indignantly.

“My question,” I said is, “What if God wants you in jail for a little season to teach you certain things you could learn nowhere else and to minister to the lost?”

“Well, I’m not interested!” he said. God can get someone else, someone other than me.” Pip cried.titanic-sinks

I then pointed out that we are Christians, children of the Living God who have confessed Jesus as Lord and Master of our lives and that we should be ready to suffer even as Christ suffered.


He would have none of it!

I pointed out how the Israelites were slaves in Egypt in order to serve God’s plan for aegypt deliverer and I was sure they were not too happy with their estate either; however, it was in service to God’s plan (Genesis 15:12-16).

I then told him, “Pip, don’t you remember when you gave your life to Christ that you said Jesus was and is your Lord which in Greek means – kyrios -“kü’-rē-os” or Master, owner.”

Jesus, the only begotten Son of the Living God suffered and died so we could have salvation.”resurretion

“If you had to do a little suffering to bring others into the family of God wouldn’t you be willing to put up with a little discomfort?”

“Not on your life!” Pip said. Pip was obviously not interested or convicted.

Now, let me ask you… yes you… Did you identify with Pip {oh woe is me, the world is always coming down on me} or were you a bit irritated with his lack of commitment?

I think that often depends on how we see ourselves in this world.Family2012 121

Don’t you wonder, how cheaply did Pip purchase his salvation; leastwise, in his own mind?

How cheaply did you, did I?

To what level are you willing to go to remain faithful to Christ?


You really should take stock in the question.


Remember Revelation 12:11 They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony in that they loved not their lives unto death. They loved their walk with Jesus more than their lives.  Not a metaphor. Do you really, truly believe Jesus is the Son of God who died for your sin?

Are you aware we are living in bit-chip6-markThe Latter Days?

That the Mark of the Beast currently exists and will soon be presented to you and everyone you know.

What will you do when one day soon you are challenged to either “Reject the Tech” -refuse the Mark of the Beast- or -deny Christ.

What will you do, or do without so you can remain obedient and faithful to the King of kings and Lord of lords?

YOU SEE, this generation… the generation you are a part of – living in – right now – this moment – is THE Generation that will live during the Great Consummation; you know, what some mistakenly call the Great Tribulation.

We do not get raptured out of here when the trouble hits the fan.

We don’t leave before God completes our part of the Covenant of Jesus Christ; images[1]the separation of the wheat from the chaff.

This generation will be tempted with a simple yet modern devise (without which) you will not be able to buy or sell anything – whether in convenience-stores – grocery stores – medical facilities or marketplaces of any kind anywhere.microchip1

The question is… what will you endure for the name of #Jesus when you are forced to either take #TheMark or skip your mortgage or rent payments, taxes bills, car installments or pay the tuition for school?

AND how about that day when everyone is required to either receive The Mark – the implants/microchips or be locked up for our subversiveness, terrorism or the Lordguillotine knows what else they will find to charge us with? And what will they do to Christians?

Now to the crux of daily life… why must we see the problematic minutia in our lives as significant? The answer: because we – as Christians – are not looking at the bigger picture of our world.

We are to present our lives as living sacrifices. We are aliens in a strange land.  We are strangers passing through this world and living for Christ for the next world, a heavenly Godly world.  OR R WE?  You have to answer that for yourself.

Regardless of what else might be going on in your life and world…

The Great Consummation is coming; a calamitous storm unlike any previous storm in the history of our world. WE, the Body of Christ need to prepare – not only forperfect-storm ourselves, but for fellow believers – family members – in the Body of Christ who will not prepare because they have been fed the lie about Pre-Tribulation Rapture Mid or Post Trib or A-Millennialism or Preterism etcetera.

What do you choose?