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This Side of the Whirlwind presents a divinely inspired message uniquely geared to people living in this generation.  Since the time of Daniel the Prophet, God concealed within His Word (now the Bible) a specific message created for those who would live during this age of the Latter-Days; an age, which will conclude with a period to one day be called The Great Consummation (Daniel 8:26; 12:4-11 and Revelation 10:1-7).  This Side of the Whirlwind presents that message formerly concealed but now unsealed for the Saints of God.

The Great Consummation will be an age of completion; a time when God will bring every prophetic element to His purposed, glorious and ultimate conclusion.

This Side of the Whirlwind presents that message as given by God through divine revelation over a period of ten years (2006-2016).  The message is designed to prepare this generation of God’s people for the crucible of the End-Times which lies ahead for all to endure.

Previous generations did not possess this whole truth for they were not subject to those prophecies yet to be fulfilled.  This Side of the Whirlwind‘s purpose is to help the Saints of this generation to understand the dangers and ultimately assist the Body of Christ in preparing each individual Christian for the coming storm of all storms!

The Great Consummation is coming soon.  Learn the life and soul saving details which will soon be coming your way in, “This Side of the Whirlwind”.


  • When the Latter-Days actually began
  • How Christ’s 3 1/2 years of ministry represented the first half of Christ’s two-part covenant spanning 7 years;
  • Learn how the Great Consummation fulfills the second half of Christ’s Covenant;
  • Uncover the mystery behind the Beast’s infamous “Mark of the Beast”.
  • Find real confirmable answers to when the Rapture will take place: not the day or hour but the season of Christ’s return.
  • Discover why Christians must remain on earth during the Tribulation Period – which is the first 2 1/2 years of the Great Consummation’s 3 1/2 year timeline.
  • Encounter proof the Great Tribulation is NOT the Wrath of God,
  • Rather, the Wrath of God will only take place after the 2 1/2 year Tribulation Period and Rapture of God’s Children.
  • Uncover these mysteries and many more in:

“This Side of the Whirlwind the Coming Apocalypse” which can be purchased through Available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Westbow Press Also available at select and local bookstores.



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  1. Steven I met your in airport here in Tucson recently ,you mentioned church you go to here in Tucson .please send me info on it. Thank you Joy


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