Beauty of My Woman: Poetry


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The Beauty of My Woman

The beauty of my woman is found not in the fit of her clothes, nor the application of her cosmetics.

 It matters not how plaited her hair or the fall of it upon her shoulders

 Neither does the color of her hair matter, nor the smoothness of her beautiful skin.

 All these fail to show the real beauty of who she has become to me. Continue reading


Sweeter are the Moments


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Here’s another one of my Prayers I stumbled across and thought you might enjoy.

Here’s to hoping Jesus enjoyed them each and every one!

Sweeter the Moments

Oh Lord, my God, sweeter are the moments I spend with You; Continue reading

The Decimation 5B: This Side of the Whirlwind


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The Decimation 5b

NOW! Don’t be thrown by this first subtitle, “No New Salvations.”  This subject is still related to “Tribulation Saints” and what the Great Consummation message brings to this subject.

So, let’s press on.

(Excerpts, Excerpts, Excerpts from This Side of the Whirlwind)

Where else?

No New Salvations?

“Despair, you farmers, Wail, you vine growers, grieve for the wheat and the barley, because the harvest of the field has perished” (Joel 1:11).

  • The ministers of the gospel are the farmers and vine growers who will mourn and weep for the lost.
  • The wheat denotes the children of God, those who have received the gospel message but for whatever reason gave up before or during the Great Consummation.
  • Frankly, I’m not sure exactly what the barley represents so I’ll leave that for God to reveal in His perfect timing.
  • At the time of this harvest, all crops will and have failed and none were or will be saved.

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A February Prayer: This Side of the Whirlwind


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A February Prayer

Hey Whirlwind Fans, this is simply a prayer I offered on February 26th 2019 because I was feeling moved by the Holy Spirit as a sense of His love flowed through my spirit.

How much more blessed can a people be than to actually feel the loving presence of their God!

So here’s the prayer:

Stars fill the heavens and streak across the night’s sky.

Brilliant and glorious light bathes our world every day in life warming beauty.

Then there’s that first cry of a newborn child

The first tears from a beloved

Laughter at a distance – listening to such delight in those we love.

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The Decimation 5A: Tribulation Saints?


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The Decimation 5a

Tribulation Saints

One of the tragic misunderstandings in the Pre, Mid and Post-Tribulation teachings as well as the A-Millennial and Preteristic viewpoints is the idea of Tribulation Saints.  Tribulation Saints as presented by these false doctrines represent those individuals, Lukewarm Christians and or secular peoples, who come to the knowledge of Jesus as Lord AFTER the Resurrection and Rapture of the Body of Christ has taken place.  BAD doctrine.

Once again, these wrong minded teachings are the result of Christendom not having the entire message for the End Times.  Remember, the Prophets Daniel and John were told by God to, “…Shut up the words and seal the book until the “Time of the End,” (Daniel 8:11-26; 12:4-9 and Revelation 10:1-7).

WE ARE the Tribulation Saints!

Those Christians living in the Latter Days “right now” will be the Tribulation Saints. Continue reading

Raising Storm Shutters!


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Hey Whirlwind Fans!

In case you were wondering, we are away preparing a place for the coming Storm of the Great Consummation.

Yep, that’s what many mistakenly call the Great Tribulation.

At any rate, we are still writing but just not as much as before. Continue reading

The Decimation 4: This Side of the Whirlwind


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The Decimation 4

When Will These Things Be?

  • In “The Decimation 1” we discussed God’s “reason” for the End-Times; God’s purpose for the coming of the Great Tribulation and Wrath of God.
  • “The Decimation 2” Unveiled the falsehood of the 7 Year Great Tribulation “theory” and the truth behind the 3½ years remaining in which both the Tribulation Period and the Wrath of God will take place.
  • Then in “The Decimation 3” we looked over the great debacle behind Daniel 9:27’s pronoun “He”;
    • AS IN, “He shall confirm a Covenant with many for 7 years” which further confirmed “WHO” would firmly establish a blood Covenant with humanity.
    • Remember, Jesus is HE who would confirm…!
  • Now it’s time to look at “…when shall these things be…” question (Matthew 24:3; Mark 13:4 & Luke 21:7).

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The Decimation 3: This Side of the Whirlwind


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The Decimation 3

Well, in “The Decimation 2”, I said we’d evaluate the absurdity of the pronoun “He” as the Beast in Daniel 9:27 so let’s get at it!

How do we know the Pronoun “He” in Daniel 9:27 – IS – “Jesus” AND NOT the Beast.

Well read on… proof will follow.

Believe it or not the entire Great Tribulation debacle has its foundation in this very question. Continue reading

The Decimation 2: This Side of the Whirlwind


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The Decimation 2

We are about to decimate the concept for a SEVEN YEAR Great Tribulation period.

That will include the Pre, Mid and Post-Tribulation doctrines/teachings/concepts.

Read on with an open mind and spirit. Continue reading

This Side of the Whirlwind: Eyes Open?


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Eyes Open?

Hey Whirlwind Fans

The world is nearly in the throes of the Great Consummation (most call this period the Great Tribulation) and there are still several prophecies yet to be realized. The Body of Christ needs to watch for specific signs and not mimic the folly of the Jewish Priesthood before the days of Christ.

Many prophecies of that day were fulfilled under the very noses of the Priesthood and yet they remained oblivious or simply ignored the coming signs.

No! Christendom cannot afford to be so blind!

God’s plan required the blindness of the Israelites in their day, but the children of the light (that’s you and me) are not in darkness so that the coming of the Lord should overtake us, the saints, as a thief in the night.[1]

As the Body of Christ, we are to know the times and seasons and be ready.[2] In other words, MAKE READY!

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