Clarion Call 2b Revisited


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I Will Believe?

A couple of years ago I approached an old friend and mentioned my book “This Side of the Whirlwind” was finally on the market.  Previously, he and I had lightly discussed the End Times and the revelations I had been receiving from the Lord.

I was not surprised when my friend rejected the very notion the Pre-Tribulation Rapture doctrine, a message he loved so well, might be and likely was steeped in a volume of knowable errors.  Even after I’d pointed out two or three undeniable holes in the Pre-Trib Rapture message my friend simply could not hear the information I presented.


This would have been true should my friend have been of the Mid-Tribulation or Post-Tribulation doctrines or even the A-Millennial or Preteristic viewpoints.  Each of these End Times messages are fraught with Biblical contradictions and errors.  Sad but true! Continue reading


Clarion Call 1 Revisited


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Clarion-Call Revisited

If you knew for certain Jesus would return within the next ten years — what would you do differently?

We, the Body of Christ, entered the last stages of the Church Age, what the Bible calls The Time of the Gentiles in 1948 when Israel reemerged as the Sovereign State of Israel.


For the children of Israel shall abide many days without king or prince, without sacrifice or sacred pillar, without ephod or teraphim.

Afterward the children of Israel shall return and seek the LORD their God and David their king. They shall fear the LORD and His goodness in the latter days. (Hosea 3:4-5 NKJV)

You may ask, how does this passage confirm we are in the Latter Days? Continue reading

Hope is on the Way!: This Side of the Whirlwind


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Telling His Prophets?

Of what do we need to fear?  …  Nothing!

Remember those times when you were so happy you just could not keep it in?  You had to share your joy!

How about being beyond angry, livid and compelled to have your say?

Now imagine God grabbing your heart and filling your mind and then speaking into your soul a message of profound import designed for you to share with the world. Continue reading

This Side of the Whirlwind’s: Christ’s Imminence?


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When Will He Come?

The world is moving through the last season of Man. Soon… very soon, as we are currently in the Beginning of Sorrows, the world governed by Man’s rule will cease to exist as we know it.Steve

People everywhere are seeing the Coming Storm of all Storms; and yet, most cannot catch what is wrong or determine what they have perceived.

Like seeing a single tree in the midst of a mighty forest, we see the tree but do not truly perceive its unique details; leastwise, not until we are up close and personal.

The Storm (the coming of the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation) is nearly on top of us with only a handful of years remaining before THE Crucible strikes and yet…

How are our eyes to be opened if they are not open today? Continue reading

This Side of the Whirlwind: Come to the Garden


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Garden of My Soul

Are you called to feed His sheep?

If your answer is yes, then from where do you get your resources?

If you have not been fed by the Word of God or walked with the Lord in prayer thisday from where do you bring that genuine food of the Lord?

We are neither the source nor the well-spring of the Spirit; rather, we are merely the conduit of His wisdom, mercy, grace, power and forgiveness. Continue reading

The Crooner’s Moon: Poetry


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For your reading pleasure:


The Crooner’s Moon


Bright is the light of a romancing moon

Matters not the hue nor the fullness, we croon,

Our hearts set free thus we serenade,

In the shadows of night where our passions are splayed

Pure shade of light, penumbral bliss

Slight the bright of day just a lunar kiss.

Sweet glancing lips like the breezes of May,

Remorse unwept for the games we play.

Spring conveys such forces unleashed,

Boundless sighs, passion replete,

Follies commenced, endless thirsts and desires,

Till moon is spent upon our crooner’s sweet fires.


You in Me! Poetry


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Blessed Be – You in Me!

Blessed be the King of kings who gave me you and gave you me.

The grace of your smile which brings one all my own,

My lips to your nose which makes my heart yearn and glad I’m not alone,

The tingling’s of my heart as your eyes meet mine,

The unction of our souls in communion divine

There you are, my love; in you I am complete.

There you are, my sweet, in you my love replete.

Deep down and beyond where no other could go or see,

Profoundly you abound in the interior of that which makes me, me.

Still, I am part of you, in all the important ways,

And where ever you may look within, you cannot escape my loving, gentle and devoted face.

For I am deep within who you are, as you are ever part of all I become.

How can you not forever but love me even as I in you must love your soul?

In you forever I am, and in me resides you as we walk hand in hand with our Lord,

God in me, in you and we, in Him the Three are more!

I love you for now and forever, your love in deed and we are friends.

I’ll be with you forever and until beyond the end.

My love, my heart, my friend.

Give My Kid the MARK? This Side of the Whirlwind


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Giving My Child The Mark?

Originally Posted under: Giving My Child The Mark.

The Mark is on its way and your children are in the cross-hairs; in fact it is already here and your children are prime targets. Should you not be certain of this statement at this very moment then take a look at the “Reject the Tech” series found @


You should be aware that parents who refused to allow their children to receive the Mark (soon government mandated bio-implants or microchips) will find their little ones remanded into the custody of Child Protective Services (CPS) for a variety of reasons. Continue reading

Is Anybody Listening the 6 part Series


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Is Anybody Listening the Series

This is likely one of the most important skills any Christian anywhere can develop: Listening to God’s voice.

Think about it… If you have not been raised around those who actually hear God’s voice

  1. How do you know you are hearing from the Lord?
  2. How do you know it isn’t Satan or some specter?
  3. How do we keep from being deceived?
  4. What do with a Word from THE Creator?
  5. What do we do when the voice is something other than the LORD?
  6. How can we tell the difference?
  7. And then what do we do with that information?

WELL, Whirlwind Fans this is the reason for this series to provide you with answers and a platform to ask questions.  Have a great time reading this series!


Continue reading

Forever and All Times


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Lord, long, I have known You,

     Gave You my life, heart and soul,

With all my strength I’ve served You,

      By Your grace forever it shall be so.

Then willfully I abandoned,

      Commandments You did bring,

To me whom much was given,

      The same required indeed.

I knew it was forbidden,

      Thus great punishment deserved, received.

For years You plied Your lessons

      Till certain I had learned,

I missed Your sweet, sweet presence,

      My heart’s most central yearn!

I thought You would dismiss it,

      As a friend to friend miss-deed,

But I Forgot -- God, --Creator,

      Much more than friend to me art Thee!

Forgive my trespass grievous

      Against My God, my King, my Friend,

Most erudite of lessons,

      Help me n’er to err again!

I need You Lord, my Savior,

      My God, Redeemer, dear Friend,

At all times, ever beside me,

      May Your Spirit, Your love n’er be missed again,

I love You Lord, more than living,

        Forever and all times in Your presence beyond the end.

To: The Great & Almighty God,  From: a least and wayward son