Foreshadowing of Things to Come 3: This Side of the Whirlwind


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The Forewarning of Christ

Through ancient text, in this case those writings we attribute to the Old Testament, God forewarned the world His Son would be coming!

The above statement is validated through prophecies recognized as foretelling the coming of Christ. In example, each year the Jewish priesthood made a sacrifice of unblemished lambs on the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur. This sacrifice foreshadowed the death and purpose of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, as payment for the sins of Israel and by extension the world.

Within the text of the Old Testament, there are also many prophecies which authenticate Christ’s identity through the fulfillment of those same prophecies. Continue reading

Foreshadowing of Things to Come 2: This Side of the Whirlwind


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The Forewarning

Salvation to the World

A “forewarning” is an advanced warning of something to come. I know, duh.

Through the use of ancient scriptures, God forewarned the world many centuries in advance that He would provide salvation for both Gentiles and Israelites alike. A scriptural forewarning differs from a foreshadowing primarily in the method and purpose of delivery.

A forewarning is established by use of prophetic scriptures, whereas a foreshadowing parallels future events allegorically through events or actions in the physical world. Continue reading

The Great Consummation: This Side of the Whirlwind


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The Great Consummation

Renaming of “The Great Tribulation”

The word consummation can be defined as the bringing of something to a satisfying, complete, full or final conclusion.  The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines the word consummation: to complete in every detail.


The Great Consummation is a prophetic season or period which will take place during the biblical era (in which we currently live) known as the Latter Days. What is most commonly, though mistakenly, referred to as the Great Tribulation is actually only one piece of a two-part covenant, which plays out during the Latter Days. The book, “This Side of the Whirlwind” changes the name “The Great Tribulation” into “the Great Consummation” based on a more appropriate communication of God’s purpose for this period and prophecy. Within the fulfillment of the Great Consummation there is a two and a half year tribulation period. This is not to be confused with the seven year miscalculation attributed to the Great Tribulation. More precisely, the Great Consummation is made up of both a tribulation period and a time known as the Wrath of God. According to scripture, the actual tribulation period itself will be a time of great trouble, unlike any time of trouble in the history or future of the human race (Daniel 12:1, Matthew 24:21). The Bible frequently refers to the Wrath of God as the Day of the Lord. Continue reading

Praying: Hey There Good Buddy


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What does praying mean to you?

Is prayer just a duty or discipline?

Is prayer just a litany of your needs, wants and or fears to be relieved?

Or is prayer for you more like a letter to an old friend, a mentor, a father or brother, sister, mother? Continue reading

Foreshadowing of Things to Come 1: This Side of the Whirlwind


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Foreshadowing of Things to Come

In the past God spoke to our forefathers through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom he made the universe.—Hebrews 1:1–2 NIV

God still speaks to His people today through His prophets. However, it is more common for the Lord to speak through His inspired Word, the Bible.

When we understand how the Bible can merge with certain Hebrew traditions and laws to conjoin or coalesce into revelation can provide us insight into a technique I call the foreshadowing of things to come. This technique is applied to events or series of events established by God in order to portray, in living examples, something of greater spiritual significance. This application towards understanding provides insight into future analogous events that will take place in more vivid or literal manner in the future. Here is just one example of this principle found in the Feast of Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement. In the ceremony of Yom Kippur God directs the Israelites to sacrifice two innocent, pure and unblemished lambs for the festival’s and nation’s sin offering. This sin offering was performed annually to cover the sins of Israel for the year. Two lambs are needed and ideally considered to be one lamb for the purpose of the sacrifice. One lamb would be sacrificed so its life and blood could ceremonially cover the sins for the nation of Israel. Continue reading

This Side of the Whirlwind’s: It is Time


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It is Time

Much of this post was previously released under the name, “Today is Different.”

A few changes were made, enjoy!

How is today different?

Creatures of habit are we. Each of us has spent the past (your age) years of our lives watching the world go by; loved ones coming and going; struggled to forge our ways in this world, and as Christians, we have each heard that one day, one day soon, the Second Coming of Christ will actually take place and we will all join the Lord in the skies.

Just so you know, today is different!

So how is today different? How is today different from everyone else’s day in the past two-thousand years? I mean, any person’s day who was born since Jesus returned to the heavens and the church began waiting for the promise of Christ’s Second Coming?

How is today different? Continue reading

Turning a Blind Eye?


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Turning a Blind-Eye?

Men and women of God, where do you walk, on what path do you truly live, to whom are you “in truth” devoted?

I sat with the Lord this morning, in prayer, reading from the book of 1 Samuel chapters 2 and 3 when the Lord in His mercy and kindness deigned to touched my heart and soul. I’ll tell you what He revealed to me in a minute.


I read about Eli the Priest, a man committed to serving the LORD; however, Eli let his feelings for his sons cloud his judgment and take precedence over his love and duty for God. Though many may think so or have forgotten such behavior is not acceptable then or now for men and women of God. Continue reading

It Could Happen, Right?


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It Could Happen, Right?

Okay, who do you know that would believe the following concept?
One day thirty years ago a Bi-Plane crashed into a car and a home in the middle of a jungle in Africa resulting in all three elements exploding into millions upon millions of parts and pieces, gizmos and gadgets.

During this accident’s explosive and excited state, you know, the parts, pieces, gizmos and gadgets flying together up and into the sky – smashing and colliding and crashing into one another until they are spread over a quarter mile or so; all the parts, pieces, gizmos and gadgets which were part of the plane, car and home amazingly fell to earth “together” organizing, blending and amazingly conjoining until, “Bingo – Bango – Roboto” fell to earth coalescing into an amazing piece of robotic technology which included all the requisite robotic engineering and  programming you witness in the video below.

Play it again SAM!

It could happen, right?

You know, all the pieces were in motion and in the same vicinity being propelled through the sky as they mixed and mingled by the forces of nature with the explosive energies of the cosmos (or at least the accident) gravity, magnetism, common space and the limitless possibilities within the known universe, you know, whatever it takes to make a robot spontaneously amalgamate wondrously into a fully functional artificial-intelligence capable of moving and working and sustaining its existence.

It could happen, right!

Think about it…

Who would believe such drivel, unadulterated imaginative nonsense?

Would you?

Because, in order for that gobbledygook to be true; leastwise, when it comes to humans, animals, plants, insect, fishes in the sea, birds in the air, bacteria, viruses and the list goes and goes and goes and goes to the Nth degree “THAT” type of an accidental conjoining “WITHOUT” intelligent design would have to have taken place to accidentally generate humans, and that twice, once for each gender, AND would have to be repeated over a million different species, genomes and phylum covering every species the world over and over.

That would be absurd!

Okay, who is for intelligent design?  Raise you hands, come on, you know you want to!

I do, I do!

Smart kid, right?

I was inspired by a video I watched a couple of days ago. I’ll leave you with it at this time.  It’s a fun video unless you’re an atheist.

Oops, not so smart a kid, huh?

You decide!

Wait, was that a little condescending?

I didn’t notice either.  My naughty!




Admonition or Recrimination?


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Admonition or Recrimination?

Not long ago I spoke/wrote to an old friend who pulled away from her walk with God; leastwise, her walk with Christ. That specific conversation ended with her saying, “I tried the Christian faith and it didn’t really work for me.

Well, believe it or not, I’m not one to cram anything down another person’s proverbial throat, most of all, my faith. I choose to live my walk with Jesus as much as I talk or write about it but that is my choice; leastwise, I do the best I can and leave God to handle all my sins, you know, all the rest my life’s issues.  Thank You Jesus!  Glad I’m saved by the blood of the Lamb (sacrifice of Christ) and not by my own righteousness.

Reason for these thoughts: If God gave me the freedom of choice to accept or reject the sacrifice His Son made for my eternal soul and life who am I to deny that same freedom of choice to anyone else, period, exclamation point “?”

As far as I’m concerned that attitude should reside in every Christian’s way of thinking and looking at the salvation message for another. We are to plant the seeds and let God produce the increase.  Even in that process God is at the head of the curve. If we are free to choose why aren’t they? Continue reading

Aaron’s Dad


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Sometime back I asked my son to write an honest review, this is what he wrote.

My dad’s integrity is like something out of an old western

By Aaron D. Harrel

Full disclosure: Steven R. Harrel is my dad. At a cursory glance, one might consider my opinion biased. And it is but from this proximity comes a review that only I could write- a review of the author’s character. My earliest memories of my dad are him singing praise and worship and to this day that’s what you’re going to get if you spend even a day with him. His life goal is to see God’s Name lifted high. My dad’s integrity is like something out of an old western: say it like it is and prize honor over saving face. He will tell the truth without pulling punches and he will be the first to tell you how he is a sinner saved by grace. With that intensity comes a few more exclamation points then I would have liked in this book : ) He’s a passionate man and that carries over into his writing style : ) About 12-13 years ago I remember my dad buying a gigantic white board and plotting out all the references in the Bible to the “End Times”. It was a staple fixture in our home through my teenage years. He’s spent all these years digging through the Word to pull out the truths that only God could have mapped out for its sheer grandness. He includes this chart in the book in a graph and it’s mind-blowing seeing all the “fore thought” God put into the latter days. Thankfully, my dad helped make it much easier to follow along then having to do this yourself. Something that struck me about this book was the volume of Scripture included throughout. My dad will challenge you time and time again to look at the Word for yourself and see if his conclusions hold up to the Word. One thing my dad instilled in me is that I also have the ability to say it like it is and after reading this book, I feel that it is sound with the Word. The End is coming and as Jesus and Paul said (Luke 12:56/Romans 11:25/1 Thessalonians 4:13) we are to be informed about the times in which we live. Are you? -Aaron Harrel

Thank You Lord

and thank you, Aaron.

The Lord bless you all. 😎