This Side of the Whirlwind: Flowers’ Heir


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Flowers’ Heir

Remember, our needs are met in Christ Jesus even as the Flowers of the field.

It’s just that sometimes we don’t feel or understand where God is going with our lives.

For your edification and enjoyment…

Flowers’ Heir

In great beauty you are spun from soil and air,

Light from distant sun and seed of formers fair;

Then with great beauty once again you are spun,

Until in your juniors your face smiles towards distant sun.


Ephemeral Senectitude: Poems


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Ephemeral Senectitude


      Days of pastel blues and lusterless reds could fill the inevasible blind pages to come.  I see the splendor of my own antecedence, or rather the privation thereof.  Once bound in a twirl of youthful folly now I marvel, can they not see?

I think they too, as I once, choose drunkenly, willfully to be ensnared by the false comfort of never‑ending youth; the pervasive: “There will be time”.

Though I have traveled many roads and stumbled on paths bleak,

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This Side of the Whirlwind: Messiah or NOT the Messiah



The Messiah of the ISRAELITE’S Vs the Messiah of Christendom

Since the beginning of Christendom it has been implied the Israelites somehow missed the coming of their Messiah, but was that the case?

When the Savior arrived in Jerusalem near His 30th birthday, He was not the Messiah for which the Jews were waiting; leastwise, not at that time.  According to Old Testament scriptures and prophecies, the Israelites were waiting for an entirely different kind of Messiah and not the loving, humble and love your “enemies” type of Messiah.  Below is a list of Messianic scriptures which should help to identify the Messiah Israel expected to encounter during the years of Christ’s ministry:

The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be. Genesis. 49:10 

  • Genesis 49:10 does not sound like it’s speaking of a meek and gentle Messiah, submissive to the oppressive government of that day.
  • Rather, the verse depicts a potentially powerful domineering Messiah.
  • At the very least, the verse depicts a Messiah who is coming to gather warriors and take authority over a nation.

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This Side of the Whirlwind: Just Let it Rise


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Just Let it Rise!

Let the beauty of your walk with God rise within you.

  • Fill your heart with worship for His glorious name.

Let your spirit rejoice for His Spirit resides within you.

  • Communion, Spirit and Soul,
  • Singing “Meet me oh Lord; draw me near to YOU!”

Let your mouth shout His praises – for His glories fill all worlds.

  • Then bow both heart and knees to His divine purpose in you.

Let your fears be surrendered – walking in faith – knowing – He will take action as He sees fit!

  • Then take your peace for it comes when we truly trust the Lord.

Let your words and actions bespeak your walk in Him.

  • Then truly bend your life to seeking Him in all His ways:
  • Seek HIM in the morning
  • Seek HIM for a move of His hand in your every day
  • Rejoice in Jesus for He is THE Savior.
  • Seek HIM for HE is good!

Let the beauty of your relationship with our Creator rise within you!

                                  Just Let It Rise!

By: Steven R. Harrel                                                               Finished 10/21/2019


Night Watch ADVO!


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Hey Whirlwind Fans!

If you’ve enjoyed the series “The Night Watch” please pass it on to your family and friends.

Things are just getting started and about to heat up even as things have been heating up in our world.

Jesus said, “I must do the work of Him who send Me while it is yet day; for the night (The Night Watch) comes when NO MAN can work.

We are living The Night Watch.  The time of the End IS here.  The Night Watch is bringing you real life examples of what is happening all over the world in THIS COMING STORM.

Send this fun fiction story with real life applications to all your family and friends so when they begin to see these “fiction” stories playing out in their world they might begin to prepare for the coming of the Great Tribulation of the Great Consummation.

For now, enjoy THE NIGHT WATCH!

TSWW’s The Night Watch 7: The Incubator


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The Night Watch


The Incubator

(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

World News today: October 26th 2017

LA Times:

  • Mysterious Illness strikes West-Coast: Southern California Health Officials today reported a fifth victim fallen to what many are unofficially calling Jameson’s Disease.  The disease informally named after David Jameson, first victim to fall prey to this new pathogen, has been plaguing the greater Los Angeles area for more than three weeks.  Jameson’s swift prodromal period is followed by severe bloating, fever, fatigue, muscle pain and rapid muscular degeneration.  The last stages for Jameson’s has thus far produced high fever and a severe systemic type of hematidrosis: more commonly referred to as blood-sweats with patients bleeding through pores in their skin, out of their eyes, nose, ears and sometimes genitalia causing system wide hemorrhaging, acute blood loss and finally death.  “Frankly,” says one unnamed California health official, “We are baffled by the origin and evolution of this new disease.  Though Jameson’s tends to present with signs and symptoms similar to that of Ebola or Dengue Fever its co-morbidities are constantly changing, varied and enigmatic.  We are not yet certain what we’re dealing with from patient to patient.  More grave is the fact that this disease sprung up from nowhere and seems to have cropped up all over the world in just a few weeks.”

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This Side of the Whirlwind: Shaped and Transformed Into?


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Shaped and Transformed Into?

What are you learning?

If you were called upon to prepare a group of people for a wide-ranging existence…

Where they needed to love the unlovable and show kindness to those who did not seem to deserve kindness…

What kind of environment would you prepare for your people?

Would you not create an environment where the principles and characteristics of kindness and love were not generally displayed and seldom offered on a daily basis?


Wouldn’t you instead put your people face to face with Continue reading

TSWW’s The Night Watch 6: Carl’s Blunder


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The Night Watch


Carl’s Blunder

(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

(The Terminal Tomb continues)

“Well,” Carl said, “What are we waiting for?  No sense crying over a little spilled Cave-Milk, right guys?”

11:15 a.m. April 6th 2016

Brian’s excitement was contagious.  He Bent down and cautiously examined the half meter opening.  Confidently, Brian claimed the passage extended beyond his lamplight and loudly demanded that we should just go for it. Continue reading