TSWW’s The Night Watch 2

The Night Watch


The Terminal Tomb

(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

Squeezing through the tiny opening in the cave floor, TS crawls the remaining ten to fifteen feet up the loose soil of the cave’s steep embankment. The slick surfaces of rock and shale made the forward climb slow.  As TS enters the tiny cavity of a room he sees his friends taking a much needed respite at the upper reaches of the small cavern.  It had been a hard trek thus far and everyone was ready for the break.

After climbing into the room it became obvious they had entered a terminal passage: a chamber with a single entrance and no other determinable exit; major spelunking blunder.

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8/12/19 Wars and Rumors of:

When are the Wars?

Hey Whirlwind Fans,

Turkey has formed a coalition with Iran and Russia.

The United States is preparing to launch joint War-Games with South Korea.

Israel recently returned fire on Iranian forces in Iraq.

China suffering significant protests and opposition in Beijing.

Hong-Kong under the watchful eye of the Trump ADM.

Venezuelan in upheaval with riots and starvation and run away inflation.

Russia telling the US to stay out of Venezuelan business OR ELSE.

Let’s see, how much War and Rumors of War are you after?


The Great Consummation is coming sooner than you might think.

Don’t be blinded by the idea, “It can’t come in my life-time”.  Don’t you think the Jews of WWII thought that in – oh say – 1933-1937?

They were wrong too.


TSWW’s The Night Watch 1


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The Night Watch


(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

The Prince of Salem took the book from the right hand of Him who sat on the Throne; and when He had touched the first Seal, thunder resounded through the heavens and the Kingdom of the North went forth preparing for war and to make war!

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TSWW 8/7/19 Tunnel-Vision


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Do We Have Tunnel-Vision?

We are living in an amazing world. We have at our disposal everything a person could want or need.  For this reason, it’s difficult to see the coming of the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation; extremely difficult in fact.

I’ve found this to be true even when I’ve received visions and Words of Knowledge from the Lord, Himself on the subject.

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TSWW 8/1/19 Stronghold?

A Stronghold

Now is the time to become a stronghold for yourself and for your Christian family and friends.  You may not have the time to prepare tomorrow AND it takes time to purchase survival supplies such as long-term foods; land and shelter; weapons/tools for hunting, fishing, trapping; medicine for the long-haul; blankets and clothes for cold weather… and the list goes on and on.

With the morning — comes a new day. Those of us who live in pampered times tend to think that every new day will bring beautiful sunshine and a chance for a glorious tomorrow.  However, for some time now, God has been telling HIS Prophets that a – soon coming – new day – will bring the Beast/Anti-Christ of Revelation 13 – for Prophecy will be fulfilled and the Beast will RISE.

We do not know who the Beast is or will be.  What we do know is that with the coming of the Beast – the “MARK of the Beast” will also emerge.

There will soon be more than 9 Billion people on this earth and only 3½ years for the “Mark of the Beast” to do its thing.

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End-Times Message you can trust?


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As of July 31st 2019

This Side of the Whirlwind has had 104,803,200 seconds


1,746,720 minutes

Or even

29,112 hours

Or just

1,213 days since the WORLD was first challenged with our End of Day Non-Fiction Thriller:

“This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse.”

The Message has suffered ZERO ERRORS thus far!

Know what’s coming… Read – This Side of the Whirlwind!


TSWW 7/29/2019 Glorious Tomorrow


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Glorious Tomorrow?

What tomorrow is there for Christians?

First thing to remember: Christians have an endless stream of tomorrows.

Whatever trauma we bear on this earth will be counted as inconsequential in light of the glorious tomorrows we will enjoy; for, we will sport incorruptible bodies in a God blessed environment.  In fact, over time we will likely forget any sufferings endured, even as women dismiss natal sufferings for the prize of their cherished children.

That having been said/written, tomorrow is coming whether we’re prepared for the Tribulation or not.  As the Jews of Europe 1934 were heading for the Holocaust… SO the Christians today are heading for the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation.

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The Decimation Series: This Side of the Whirlwind!


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The Decimation Series 1-10

It’s the roundup!

Ten key points which confirms the SEVEN YEAR Great Tribulation concept and doctrine is all washed up!

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The Cheesy Religion Epilogue


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The Cheesy Religion


(A short story by Steven R. Harrel)

Shana raised her voice to get over Daniel’s loud demands, “Mommy, what’s that cooking on the stove?  I want some too!  I want some, mommy.”

Nancy and Tom looked over and saw a very large pot steadily bubbling on their kitchen stove.


The Musicians and Choir were just finishing their last stanza of Steven R. Harrel’s, “You Lift My Soul”.

Today was Johnathan and Annika Cole’s first service at Shire Community Church on the outskirts of Williams Arizona.

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