You Are: SH Music Gallery


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Here’s a song gone astray on my recording equipment.

Hope you enjoy this song I’d written at a different period in my walk with God.

Though, not much has changed with regard to loving my King. 🙂

“You Are”

The Valley & Chaos: SH Music Gallery


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Hey there Whirlwind Fans!

Here’s another for the Music Gallery:

I threw a little Chaos over “The Valley”.

Hope you enjoy this song given as part of a prophecy which did come to pass just as spoken and written.

The peace and love of God be with you.

Hold On! : SH Music Gallery


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Yes, a song of encouragement for these troubled times.

But more than that… “Hold On” offers a voice that we might cry out!

Some things we just need to say; and say it out loud, before we can let go and move on.

What is “IT”?  

That’s for you to decide.

Because “IT,” today, may not be “IT,” for tomorrow.  Today it is possibly COVID-19 and no job or not enough money because your business is falling apart.

Tomorrow, “IT” could be a lack of feeling right with your Creator.

A few tomorrows from now it may be a society gone mad WITH the Mark of the Beast literally manifesting in OUR world.

With Christians IGNORING God’s Word and no longer able to live in their cities and homes and general communities.

So whether your “IT” is your walk with God or more mundane issues…

“HOLD ON,” because God has your back as His servant, the Servants of the Living God, Jesus Christ, our Savior.

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Salvation Bound: SH Music Gallery


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As simple and bee-boppie as this song tends to be… I thought “Salvation Bound” would only appeal to children.  Gratefully, I was wrong.

One of the coolest things I like about the song “Salvation Bound” is the fact “Salvation Bound”  is loved by children around the world.  

Try it! Put this song on and watch your little ones dance across the room.

Add to this fun fact, I have also received no less than six testimonials detailing how some people’s children refuse to go to sleep until they listen to “Salvation Bound” JUST one more time (Mommy and Daddy).

Oh yeah, and my wife, Pam, is singing on this, our first CD and title song, too.

And I can’t forget the sweet natured vocalist, Cindy Aquilino, from Tucson, Arizona.

We hope “Salvation Bound” brings as much joy to your life and the lives of your children as it has to us and our children. 

Enjoy and sing along!

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Who Called Whom? MV John 15:16


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Level 2 Memory Verse:

Even when God has shined a great Light into your life and you have lived your life faithfully for Jesus… sadly, you cannot hand that relationship or faithfulness or salvation to another person.

We can bring them to the River-of-Life – But they must drink for themselves.

It is God who calls us.     (John 15:16; Acts 2:39)

Individually we must answer.

Blessed be the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ! 

“You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you (John 15:16).

My Reason for Living: SH Music Gallery


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Hi Whirlwind Fans!

Just thought I’d drop this LOVE song into the mix of SH Music.

I wrote this song for my Sweetheart many years ago.

She was my sweetheart then and she is still my sweetheart 54 years later.

We’ve been married since June of 1978 and have no plans on changing that statis until “death do us part”.

So, here’s our song, “My Reason for Living.”


My Reason For Living

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Where Would I Go? SH Music Gallery


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That is the question, isn’t it?

Where Would I Go?

Where could we go for Salvation if Jesus had not given His life for our Sin?

The answer is… Drumroll please…

We would have nowhere to go!

We’d be damned beyond redemption.

Thank you, Jesus, Son of the Living God!~!!!!~~~~~!!!!! 🙂





Have you ever been STUCK on the Wayside.

You know, that place where you are not serving God…

and yet,

You kind of think you should?


That place where you HAD given your life to Jesus Christ years ago…

but now you’re living your life as though you were not a Christian?