TSWW’s The Night Watch 12: Jameson’s Disease


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The Night Watch


Jameson’s Disease

(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

※ World-News-Today: Over the past three weeks China’s Shaanxi Province has reported more than 130 deaths stemming from the unusual disease known as Jameson’s.  The development of Jameson’s Disease in the isolated province of Shaanxi has prompted numerous theories as to how the disease could have crossed such remote Chinese borders without effecting nearby cities or villages.  So far, not a single residence in surrounding communities has tested positive for the pathogen. Earlier this week the WHO responded to Chinese outcry by dispatching additional Health Squads to Shaanxi Province and neighboring communities.

※ Today March 16th 2020 New York City’s CDC and Prevention Center offers a Critical presentation on Jameson’s Disease as presented by Dr. Buzz Richards, an official with California’s West-Coast CDC office, Los Angeles: Chief Researcher, Dr. Buzz Richards:

Reluctantly, Dr. Richards allowed himself to be led into the New York City’s CDC’s central conference room. Continue reading

Coming Soon: The Night Watch 12 – Jameson’s Disease


Here’s a teaser:

The Night Watch


Jameson’s Disease

(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

※ World-News-Today: Over the past three weeks China’s Shaanxi Province has

reported more than 100 deaths per day stemming from the unusual disease known as Jameson’s.  The development of Jameson’s Disease in the isolated province of Shaanxi has prompted numerous theories on how the disease could have crossed such remote Chinese borders.  Earlier this week the WHO dispatched additional Health Teams in response to China’s cry for help.

※ March 16th 2020 New York City’s CDC and Prevention Center

Reluctantly, Dr. Buzz Richards allowed himself to be led into the CDC’s conference room.

“Buzz, good to see you.  I’m sure you know I had to pull a few strings to get you this impromptu hearing.” While shaking hands Dr. Marrow grips his friend’s forearm in support.

“Remember Buzz, you’re the one who told me you needed to present your concerns about Jameson’s to the highest levels at CDC; so, “buck-up buddy.”  It had been nearly a year since Dr. Joseph Marrow began jockeying to get his colleague this high-level meeting. “So… don’t cave on me now!”

Within moments a crowd of Health-Professionals began streaming through the doors – taking seats muttering quietly to one another.  In nearly the same instant the double-doors to the back of the gallery opened to admit a large group of Medical Specialists, professionals who came primarily because of their related concerns or general interest to the ever increasing seriousness of the new disease.

“Okay, Buzz, you’re on.  Now get in there, shake it off and deliver your concerns.” Joe gripped his friend’s shoulder, “Just show them that same passion and concern you showed to me.”

Buzz peered over his glasses at his longtime friend, “Uh huh?”

(To be continued – soon)

Interim: This Side of the Whirlwind

Hey Whirlwind Fans!

We have been so busy prepping for the End-Times and opening our Patreon accounts that we haven’t been attending to much else.  “Lo siento!”


  • We haven’t forgotten you.
  • All the signs are falling into place.
  • The Mark of the Beast is drawing ever closer.
  • Prophecies are being fulfilled as you read this blog.
  • The End-Times draws near.

Maybe you’ve  been reading our Tweets which cover many of the world’s “Signs of the Times”?

Just know, we’ll be back soon.  So, don’t forget us and we won’t forget you.

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God bless you each and every one… and have a blessed day!

Oh, yeah, we’ll be bringing the 12th installment of “The Night Watch” pretty soon. 🙂

This Side of the Whirlwind: Walk the Walk



Here’s Your Chance!

You know how – at times – we’re looking for ways to show our Christian love and charity to our fellow man/woman/kiddo…?

Just like you wouldn’t want to kiss a cat with sticky lips…

(You know I mean – your lips being sticky – not the cat’s lips.  That would be gross) 😦

You wouldn’t want to kiss this opportunity to show your Christian love and charity goodbye.  This is the perfect opportunity for us to live the talk of our faith.  Demonstrate the love God He has sewn in us to all those people who know you’re a living breathing Christian, right?

After all, if we (the Christians) get sick and die the worse thing that happens to us is that we join the Lord in paradise.  Where’s the down side?

1 Corinthians 15:55 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?
So get out there and share, share, share HIS love and mercy! 
Good chatting with ya!


This Side of the Whirlwind’s: The Beginning of Sorrows


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Beginning of Sorrows

At the appropriate time, God will call for the opening of the little book locked with the seven seals, as mentioned in Revelation 5:1–14.

By the way, this process began at least one year ago throughout the world!

As God opens the first five seals found in Revelation chapter 6, the final components necessary for completing all prophetic visions and prophecies, those mentioned in the last two Edicts found in Daniel 9:24, are being put into action.  This Biblical process recently started with the Beginning of Sorrows which must take place or be in the process thereof before the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation can begin.

In God’s game-plan, each of the seven seals relates to the end of the Time of the Gentiles and completes an element/s of Christ’s Covenant with humanity.  Those of us working at “This Side of the Whirlwind” have called this overall period the Latter-Days and or Great Consummation depending on when we are referring.  The Latter-Days began in 1948 when Israel was restored as a nation (according to prophecies in Deuteronomy 30-31; Jeremiah 16:14-16 and 23:1-8; Hosea 3:4-5) and this after Israel was more than 1,800 years in exile.  AS the Latter-Days began with Israel’s restoration so it the  will end with the completion of the 3½ years of the Great Consummation.

Not long ago the first four seals were opened launching the Beginning of Sorrows, which as I’d just mentioned had to begin before the Great Consummation could take off.

By the end of the Tribulation Period the last two seals will be fulfilled, along with the last two edicts from Daniel 9:24 leading to the Wrath of God which must follow the Great Tribulation Period; this will be the end and close of the Church Age.[1]

The Seals

The opening of the seven seals (Beginning of Sorrows) releases a series of global measures intended to bring the Time of the Gentiles and the covenant of Jesus Christ to its consummation or full completion. The message serves a purpose which is fulfilled or completed during OUR generation… this last generation of the Body of Christ – – – those of us born since the Latter Days began in 1948.[2]

The seven seals create an environment designed to challenge each Christian’s commitment to Christ during the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation. Ultimately, the seals will create a CRUCIBLE by which the Bride of Christ (Christians) will find ourselves making ready the Bride for our Bridegroom (Jesus) in accordance with prophecy.[3]

Another function the Seals serve is to gear the Secular World for their role in God’s Crucible for Christians… The Wheat to be separated from the Tares (Matthew 13:24-30). Continue reading

Fear NOT!


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Hey Whirlwind Fans!

Isn’t this, the things taking place right now, the End Times God promised?

Remember, Revelation 17:17

“For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.
Is this not also what I told you in “This Side of the Whirlwind”?
As a matter a fact we spelled out a near exact scenario.
Great Calamity in the world such as a plague or sickness.
And the WORLD financial markets start tumbling down.
Only to have a “savior” come to the rescue.
That’s right Whirlwind Fans… We are living in the Time of the End!
The End Times are upon us.
Do you know what to do?
If not, get a copy of my book, “This Side of the Whirlwind, the Coming Apocalypse” and read, read, read.
Chapter 23 tells you how to prepare while the other chapter confirm everything I was saying with real world events taking place all around you.
Better get it fixed!

The Silent Apocalypse-The Series: This Side of the Whirlwind


The Silent Apocalypse the Series


Signs of the Times are taking place all around us as COVID-19 sweeps across our nations and the financial markets of the world come crashing and smashing across our televisions showing record losses.

But all is not lost!

There is hope in Christ Jesus!

Back in 2018 we posted five Blogs detailing the first apocalypse which will befall Christians and not the Secular world.  We called this apocalypse “The Silent Apocalypse” because the world as a whole will not see it as an atrocity.  Rather, the silent apocalypse will be seem as justified and merely the world correcting a long overdue problem within its ‘religious’ ranks.

And, religious, is right! Continue reading