The Decimation 6: To be here or not to be here?


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The Decimation 6: To be here or not to be here?

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The Peace of God be upon you.

MV Philippians 4:4-7


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Memory Verse and Devotional: Philippians 4:4-7

MV-Level 3

Now, here are a few verses rich with meaning. At first blush, comprehending Philippians 4:4-7 is obvious. Understanding the English verbiage is rather straightforward. However, applying each verse conceptionally – in our lives – can present genuine challenges.

Philippians 4:4-7

4) Rejoice in the Lord always. Again, I say, rejoice!                                          

5) Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand.

6) Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;

7) and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Verse 4 does not present us with any great mystery to what the author is overtly trying to convey.  He says, “Rejoice” or “be glad” or “happy” in the – Lord – at all times.

And why shouldn’t we? According to God’s Word, all things work together for good in the lives of Christians (Romans 8:28).
Okay, how can that be true?
Believe it or not… the statement is true because God, Who is all knowing and infinitely powerful, promised such an existence to those that love God and are called according to His purpose! (Romans 8:28)

Therefore, we can live our lives knowing God’s existence and promises warrant our rejoicing – in Him – at all times!

Of course…

To be able to continually rejoice in the Lord, we the practitioners, must trust the Lord with genuine conviction, in every situation. Such a state of being requires we BELIEVE a few things:

  • A conviction about the Lord’s great power over all things perpetually. Yes, all things and at all times!
  • Therefore, God, having such authority and power continually over all things… promised to employ divine faithfulness, goodness, mercy and forgiveness in every aspect of the practitioner’s, Christian’s life and that universally.
  • Assenting to the idea, that without such trust being universally DESERVED – it would be impossible for anyone of sound-mind to, “Rejoice in the Lord – always”.
  • And, without such deserved trust being EMPLOYED by the practitioner – it would also be impossible for someone to justly, “Rejoice in the Lord – always”?

Only a fool would rejoice in all things at all times if God/Jesus were not worthy of such convictions.

True observance to Philippian’s 4:4-7 requires us to walk with the Lord – trusting Jesus – believing Jesus’ commitment towards our wellbeing and that of the Kingdom of God among Men.

So again, the question is presented, how could we/you truly trust Jesus if He did not warrant universal confidence? In other words, if Jesus were not God! I do not believe an intelligent person could trust Jesus’ ability to fulfill such powerful and numerous promises otherwise.

Therefore, if you are having trouble living your life in a state of “Peace and Rejoicing,” ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your God, Jesus, God/Creator of the entire universe?
  • Is He powerful enough to control our universe, and all that pertains to us? (Romans 8:28)
  • More to the point, if you have confessed Jesus as Lord, as the Master/Boss of your life; (Romans 10:9-11)
  • Have you committed your heart, mind and LIFE to the proposition that Jesus, as God, the Son of God, actually came to earth in the form of a human specifically to die for your/our sin;
  • And that God, then, raised Jesus from the dead so we could be, will be, raised from the dead in God’s perfect timing?

The questions above appear deceivingly simple. They are not! They are not! They are not!

The above questions profoundly impact the lives of both believers and non-believers.

The answers to the above questions are easily found in God’s Word but require a lifetime of employment.

Here’s a sidebar: if you do not know the Word of God… how can you believe? (2nd Timothy 2:15) You cannot really believe what you do not know.

How do you employ what you do not believe? How do you believe what you do not know? (2nd Timothy 2:15)

I know the remaining three verses, 5, 6 and 7, carry their own volumes of meaning and or depth; however, today’s goal has been to express the individual Christian’s need for trusting who Jesus is as God/Son of God if they want to live a life of Rejoicing and Hope (Philippians 4:7) AND PEACE (verse 7). Primarily, we need to trust Jesus’ role as God/Creator and Savior, as well as, THE upholder of all God’s promises; such is critical to walking successfully and perpetually as a Child of God ~ REJOICING!

So, if you don’t live your Christian life, “Rejoicing,” then maybe you need to get back to the basics of who Jesus really is as Creator of the Universe? (2nd Timothy 2:15 & Colossians 1:15-27)

Or possibly you are not recognizing Jesus’ perpetual presence in your life?

One significant, if not missing, element in the lives of many Christians – those who struggle with fear and uncertainty – which is the anti-rejoicing drug, of course – is how they picture their God inadequate to the needs of the world around them.

Think about it… If in your mind… God is not big enough to handle all the world’s problems at one time… then how could He be big enough to handle your life’s catastrophes?

So, do you need to ask yourself: do I really believe God and His Word, Genesis, chapter 1?

Do you?

Prophecies Given? True-Life 45


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Prophecies and Words of Knowledge have been a cornerstone in my life.

In May of 1958 my – barely – Christian parents received a prophecy they’d have a son one year from that day, it would be a boy and grow into a man of God. Correct on all points.

I was Saved, age seven; filled with the Holy Spirit, age nine and delivered my first public Word-of-Knowledge only a few months later. The prophecy declared my Pastor was having an affair with a specific female congregant. Correct on all points.

Just, one or two more examples before addressing the point for this Post.

Midday, following Vacation Bible School, Phoenix Arizona, 1971 (I was twelve) I received what would be one of my life’s most significant Words from the Lord; the Word was in the form of a question rather than a direct Word of Knowledge. The Lord simply asked: “Why was Jesus’ ministry just 3½ years?” For the next 35 years that question disturbed my life.

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Reflection: Poetry


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Anyone who has spent time walking with God knows it is not always simple – on our side of the fence.

We trust, we doubt, we fail, we succeed and sometimes all at the same time.

Knowing yourself – way down deep where the moss grows – is not a single step in life but the journey in one.

Here’s a poem written near the end of 2013.

Though vague, it is… you may see a portion of your life’s snuggle in the rhyme?


Far and deep my eyes are trained

Though not on flora, fauna or mountain’s terrain

As if, lake of glass – double paned

Distant reflection whose figures appear inane.


Lost in thought, beyond most deep

Know not what answers my heart doth seek

Seems the deeper I gaze – the shallower my perceptions

From whence I began? – why ask such reflections?

Still, here am I, just I, just me.


Way down deep in this loch is seen

Visage mocks – no answer glean

Just one long breath – beneath the water’s plane

Glass like waters – double pained.


Most cold the glass – both shallow and deep

Elusive peace – Seaport’s Keep

Reflections seen – of cloud filled skies

Murky damp – Life keeps drifting bye.

By: Steven R. Harrel

I know the passage in, James 1:22-24 relates to us being – be doers of God’s Word and not just someone who hears and does not apply the message – BUT – that is not the take-away I’m offering in this poem.

Rather, notice the concept suggested in verse 23… the mirror.

We all have one of those mirrors.

Use yours wisely for the days of our lives are numbered and few.

Be blessed and have a great day in your – Reflections.

You Lift My Soul: SH Music


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I will never forget the day I wrote this song. What a joy of joys filled my soul.

Should I pray you feel that touch from God at only half the strength I experienced His touch…

Then you will remember the love of the Lord brushing your soul.

Be blessed! Enjoy! Rejoice in the love of your Savior with me.

Christmas Break for This Side of the Whirlwind!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We are taking a two week break starting tomorrow, Dec. 21st 2021.

We will return ‘somewhere’ around January 4th 2022.

May God bless you one and all and fill your hearts and minds with love and knowledge of Him.

Know Peace – Know Jesus 🙂

This Side of the Whirlwind: A Christmas Poem


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Frankincense and Mirth

The day it broke with star on high

With royal troupe in route to spy,

A Priest, a King, a Prophet, Prince,

A Counselor, Savior of Divine descent.


Then Angels burst thru cloud and sky,

Proclaiming Christ was born this night,

As shepherds fell in awe and fear,

And angels sang, “Your Savior, Christ is here!”


He lies in the city of Bethlehem,

In straw filled bed lies the Son of Man.

This sign is given for all to see,

This childhood King, who is Prince of Peace

Has come to bring, a time surcease

Release of pain, from bondage’ and chain.


So on to glory for God proclaims

His grace tis born – bringing end to shame;

Singing peace on earth all kindred men

For He is Son of God, Redeemer, Dearest Friend.


Great Prince of Peace forever shall Reign

Majestic, marvelous, magnificent King

Worthier, sovereign there n’er shall be

   First babe in manger, sweet Babe of Peace.


       His mother’s favor and Father’s dote

Master, Savior, God of Hope

         The Word made Flesh New Covenant in He

This hope of Man – is Christ my King!

By Steven R. Harrel
Written Christmas 2011                              
Slightly modified on these dates:      2013 & 2021