This Side of the Whirlwind: In America?


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And you think the Beginning of Sorrows has not begun?

When I read this I thought my readers should know.

Here’s a quote from someone in the middle of it all.

“Born and raised in Iran, Parsa claims he “was stabbed” after converting to Christianity, and eventually fled Iran as a “religious refugee.”

“With tears in my eyes, I was so thankful to be in America, where I can express myself, nobody can stop me or oppress me for my faith…and then this happened to me,” he told PJ Media, saying he’s “gone through this before,” but only “in Muslim countries.” Continue reading


You Believe What!


You Believe What!

You’re just one of those CRAZY Christians, aren’t you?

Terrified to admit you believe those Bible Stories?

Are you afraid to look like an uneducated Bumpkin?

Let see where you stand:
Do you believe God created the Earth first and then the Universe?

Genesis 1:1-19 reveals this Biblical truth, especially verses 14-19.

Do you believe God caused Moses to construct a great ship and caused the creatures of the earth to board that ship along with Noah and his family before a great flood cause the ENTIRE WORLD to be inundated and then He (God) began again with Noah and his family?

Genesis chapters 6 thru 10 reveal the Noah narratives.

These two foundational Biblical stories are key. Continue reading

Israel’s Perpetual Disfavor?

Israel’s Perpetual Disfavor

Secretively, the person who will become the Beast is already here and maneuvering among world constituents to achieve many of his preordained goals, one of these goals being the destabilization and eventual destruction of Israel.

The Beast, a political agitator will privately make allegations that claim Israel is subversive and prejudicial in nature. He will further assert Israel represents an arrogant and disruptive element in the world community; one which opposes peace.

Through the Beast’s coalitions (Kingdom of the North and Kingdom of the South) an extensive network of influence will drive world media in its portrayals of Israel as a chief troublemaker when it comes to world peace, harmony and human rights.

As broad portions of the world more actively embrace such notions regarding Israel, the Beast vigorously and globally promotes Middle-Eastern attitudes regarding Israel. The Beast’s attitudes will portray Israel as a backward and regressive and stagnant society immobilized by Israel’s own religious beliefs.

Though the Beast will eventually and openly reject everything Israeli, until the Abomination of Desolation is set up… his ideologies must remain behind the scene.

As other governments openly adopt the Beast’s negative Israeli views, Israel will suffer damage to its national commerce and stability.

Such prejudicial perspectives become increasingly reinforced with failing peace talks and added assaults by the Palestinians and or factions such as Hamas.

Accurate or not, Israel is labeled as the aggressor rather than a peacemaker in the growing unrest. Continue reading

Little Help Please


Hey Whirlwind Fans:

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in you can help spread the message in “This Side of the Whirlwind” simply by contacting your local bookstore and checking on a copy of our book.

So, please call your local bookstores and ask if they carry “This Side of the Whirlwind, the Coming Apocalypse” by Steven R. Harrel

Then drop us a little note telling us where in the world you are and what the local bookstore had to say.

Thanks ever so much and have a blessed and merry Christmas! 🙂

Steven R. Harrel

T.S. Whirlwind 🙂

This Side of the Whirlwind’s: Who Can Learn?


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Who Can Learn?

Scripture supports itself!

Who can accurately learn and understand the message found in God’s Word?

Well, according to Isaiah 28:9–13 and Hebrews 5:12-14, God teaches and enlightens those who mature in the pursuit of His Word and His Will:

For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed into the image of his Son… (Romans 8:29 NIV)

So who will HE teach? Continue reading

Ephemeral Senectitude: Poem



Ephemeral Senectitude

       Days of pastel blues and lusterless reds could fill the inevasible blind pages to come.  I have seen the splendor of my own antecedence, or rather the privation there of.  Once bound in a twirl of youthful folly now I marvel, can they not see?  I think they too, as I once, choose drunkenly, willfully to be ensnared by the false comfort of never‑ending youth; the pervasive, there will be time.

Though I have traveled many roads and stumbled on paths bleak, yet onward I plod; defiant, I stand in the face of waning possibilities.  Though it may seem as brackish waters to the weak of spirit, nevertheless, I thrive.  I have decided to dominate that which lies waste.  Failure, you shall not take me!


I swim in a sea of spring-tide, the deep brims with life about me, yet I find Continue reading

This Side of the Whirlwind’s: Blinded & Ransomed


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Blinded & Ransomed

Between the Pre-, Mid-, and Post-Tribulation rapture theorists and the A-Millennialists and Preterists, millions of Christians have been blinded by false (lying) doctrines and are therefore at risk of losing or giving away their salvation.

Those who just said to themselves, “Oh, we cannot lose our salvation” have just proven a terrible point and shown their lack of scriptural understanding.

In general, we may not be able to lose our salvation… but we are not living in “general” times!  No, we are living in the Latter Days and a time when the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation and the Mark of the Beast are due to come upon us; and that, all too soon.

Everything you have read in Continue reading

This Side of the Whirlwind: How Close is Close?


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How Close is Close?

The Great Consummation is nearly upon us. We are deep into the Latter Days time line, and the end is oh so near! As of 2015, sixty-seven years out of an eighty years or less time line have elapsed. The time line began in 1948 when Israel became a nation and now leaves very little time remaining before the end. With this in mind, how many people do you know and care about who are not yet saved? Every believer needs to get busy!

This Side of the Whirlwind provides readers with the information needed to effectively refute every mistaken End Times doctrine currently available. It may require a little work, but it is very possible. God’s Word interprets itself when every scripture has been considered. Previous generations could live their entire lives without genuinely fearing the coming of the end. This cannot be said for this generation. As faulty End Times doctrines provide false hope, millions of Christians are in danger of losing their salvation. Pre-, Mid-, and Post-tribulation rapture theories, as well as A-Millennialism and Preterism, cannot continue without an effective challenge. Bear in mind, false End Times doctrines are not the only issues that may lead the sinners or saved to hell. After all, not everyone recognizes or accepts Jesus as God or Savior or acknowledges His coming in our lifetimes. Continue reading

This Side of the Whirlwind: Climb High!


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The Adventure and The Climb!

Don’t doubt God has a plan for your life. (Romans 8:29 “Them He did foreknow…)

More significantly, God has a plan for the entire Body of Christ and world as a whole (Revelation 17:17).

Sometimes unpleasant circumstances take place before God’s purposes reach fruition (Genesis 15:13-16).

During such campaigns the saints can sometimes endure great struggles and persecution and even death for God knows the greater good and sometimes we are His tools.  Continue reading