Dispersed intermittently between the next dozen or so blogs will be the amazing, supernatural and true-life accounts of my life, Author for “This Side of the Whirlwind.” The intended purpose for these blogs will be to reveal God’s divine hand in penning the message within “This Side of the Whirlwind” a book describing God’s intended end for the Latter Days and the Church Age as we know it. As a bonus, readers will discover the genuine modern-day involvement of God in the shaping of a human life specifically designed to serve His purposes. Though many may think the following true-life accounts unbelievable, all that follows was and is true.


In May of 1958 a knock split the silence of my family’s home. When my mother answered the front door she was met by a young woman, a stranger she had not seen or met before.  While standing at the front door the mystery woman declared, “This time next year you will bear a son and he will be a man of God.” My parents were mildly Christian at that time, occasional church goers who were unaccustomed to prophecies or foretelling. My mother said she chatted with the woman for several minutes after her surprise declaration but could not remember the balance of their conversation.  Finally, not knowing what else to do, my mother thanked the woman and allowed her to go on her merry way.  My parents were uncertain how to respond to the woman’s sudden prediction for a future son with a potential life as a clergyman and therefore simply filed the information away as a curiosity.  However, in May of the following year I was born as predicted. For the record, my mother did not share this strange happenstance with me until I was in my late thirties.

A little over two years later, when I was approximately fourteen months old, my father brought home a stranger; leastwise, one my mother had not met before. As my mother relayed the meeting, the gentleman after entering our home immediately and purposefully walked over to my playpen and placed his hands on my head before declaring, “This boy will be a man of God.” According to my mother it was the only time she and the gentleman ever met.

Years later in the summer of 1969, at nine years of age, I was walking in the forests of Show Low Arizona.  After entering a clearing, I remember thinking I might actually be lost.  Just then something caught my eye and I looked up and beyond the trees. There in the sky above my position I saw an enormous angelic being hovering in the clouds and looking directly at me.  Our eyes met and I was suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of well-being and was then joyfully filled with the Holy Spirit. I immediately heard the voice of God speaking to me and saying, “Don’t worry, you will be found in a few moments.”  Literally within moments a large group of people came walking into the clearing, flashlights in hand, looking for me. As far as I know, no one else saw or heard the angel except me.

The above stories and examples represent only a few of the many tantalizingly and true events God has used to guide my life toward His purpose in the writing of “This Side of the Whirlwind.”  More true-life examples will follow in the coming days. Thank you for reading.

There are now more than seventy blogs in the “True-Life” series.  For a near chronological account continue with “True-Life 2” and then “True-Life 3” and so forth. May the Lord truly bless you with a greater knowledge of Him, Jesus Christ.

Steven R. Harrel