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Hey Whirlwind Fans!

How’s it going?

First I’m going to ask you a hard question.

Then I’m going to tell you why I asked that question.


Here goes…

When was the last time you asked yourself if you were truly sanctified (set aside) for Christ?

As Christians, ARE WE NOT supposed to die to self and live for Christ – and aspire to the goals Jesus sets for our lives?  This is not about earning our salvation – because we cannot!

We’re not just supposed to do our own thing without regard to our service to OUR King, right?

So it begs the question:

  1. Q) If someone came up to you today and asked you WHY you did whatever it was you did on your last weekend or the many weekends before – – would you be able to honestly say,
  • “I was working towards MY higher calling in Christ Jesus.”


  • “I was furthering the Gospel of Jesus Christ – SOooo – my friends and family might have a greater walk in HIM.”

How about number this one:

  • “I was preparing a place for myself and my Christian brothers and sisters because there is a coming storm; THE Great Consummation is on ITS way.”

So here’s the question again… are you sanctified in and to Christ Jesus, your LORD, MASTER and SAVIOR?

Okay, so here’s why someone might ask YOU such a question?


  • Israel became a nation just like prophecy said; 1948.
  • The Parable of the Fig Tree (Matthew 24:31-35) confirms that THIS generation (the one you and I are living in) is THE generation in which all prophecy and Visions and Words of Knowledge will come to pass AND that includes the Great Tribulation of the Great Consummation.


So if you are not sanctifying’s your life when the entire world is SHOUTING, – – –

“The Time of the End is here! Prepare!  Prepare!”

Then when were you planning on sanctifying your life in Christ Jesus?

When were you planning on preparing for the Coming Storm?

I hope none of my readers are still deceived about Pre-Tribulation Raptured doctrine or the Mid or Post-Trib doctrines because they have been utterly debunked.

Of course, we don’t want to leave out Preterism’s or A-Millennialism’s false teachings either.  These two doctrines are also discredited.

And all in ONE verse… God is cool!

Remember, the text inside “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse” MORE than proves the falsehoods of these lies which come straight from the pits of

“H” – “E” – “double-toothpicks”; you know, Hades.

Okay, Lord willing…

I’m going to go smack a few bears.

The Lion Slapping didn’t quite work out.

I almost lost my head.