October 18, 2016

Full disclosure: Steve Harrel is my dad.

At a cursory glance, one might consider my opinion biased. And it is but from this proximity comes a review that only I could write- a review of the author’s character.

My earliest memories of my dad are him singing praise and worship and to this day that’s what you’re going to get if you spend even a day with him. His life goal is to see God’s Name lifted high.

My dad’s integrity is like something out of an old western: say it like it is and prize honor over saving face. He will tell the truth without pulling punches and he will be the first to tell you how he is a sinner saved by grace. With that intensity comes a few more exclamation points then I would have liked in this book : ) He’s a passionate man and that carries over into his writing style : )

About 12-13 years ago I remember my dad buying a giantic white board and plotting out all the references in the Bible to the “End Times”. It was a staple fixure in our home through my teenage years. He’s spent all these years digging through the Word to pull out the truths that only God could have mapped out for its sheer grandness. He includes this chart in the book in a graph and it’s mind-blowing seeing all the “fore thought” God put into the latter days. Thankfully, my dad helped make it much easier to follow along then having to do this yourself.

Something that struck me about this book was the volume of Scripture included throughout. My dad will challenge you time and time again to look at the Word for yourself and see if his conclusions hold up to the Word. One thing my dad instilled in me is that I also have the ability to say it like it is and after reading this book, I feel

that it is sound with the Word.


The End is coming and as Jesus and Paul said (Luke 12:56/Romans 11:25/1 Thessalonians 4:13) we are to be informed about the times in which we live. Are you?

-Aaron Harrel