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Imagine yourself with “prophetic knowledge” standing on the bow of the Titanic just ten hours before she was going to hit the iceberg and sink to the bottom of the ocean.


Now, visualize that following moment, the point in time “after” you have warned every passenger and crew member and watched them each and every one carry on with business as usual with little to no regard for the warning they have just received. After all, you have future information.  You have already seen what is about to take place.

Fortunately, you stand on the bow of that fateful ship knowing the cruelest thing that will happen “that night” will be for those disbelieving individuals to go down with the ship, die and enter eternity thinking they should have listened. Oh well, at least they are going to be with the Lord; leastwise, hopefully.titanic-sinks

Now, here we are today! Imagine yourself with “prophetic knowledge” warning the Body of Christ to avoid the Mark of the Beast; a technology which already exists and is being sold and employed by corporations and individuals around the globe, 50,000 to 60,000 strong already – just today.

Picture a friend, family member or associate from work whom you know to be a Christian who has looked into the new implants and has decided the implants are much too cool and useful to be ignored, they must have one for Christmas regardless of your warning.

Think about it… everyone will be purchasing these useful devices soon enough because they are just technology, what could be wrong with having this new tech? “You must be wrong,” they will say.  Just like the Cell-Phones of yesteryear everyone will what the new tech. images[1]

After all, don’t you wonder how many people will “just this year” be purchasing the new tech for their children, friends, family, parents (and the list goes on) because the new Bio-implants are the up and coming tech of tomorrow.

Furthermore, the only reason NOT to purchase the implants, for there will be many different types, will be because Christians are saying they are the Mark of the Beast. How can they know the new tech is The Mark?

You see, the Mark of the Beast must be implemented before the Great Consummation can begin. This planet has over seven billion people and that number of individuals requires a spot of time to implant every member of society.

You see, when the Great Consummation begins, the Beast will have just recently placed the “Image of the Beast” in the Temple in Jerusalem. Only then will the Body of Christ know the Beast for who he is. Shortly thereafter, that moment will come when the world enters the Great Consummation and salvation will no longer be available to anyone not currently saved[1].


Now you and I must stand on the edge of the world and watch everyone who has The Mark of the Beast or The Mark implanted in their flesh die in their sin “previously saved or not” and receive the full measure of God’s Wrath (Revelation 14:9-11).


The loss is so much worse than just their lives. There is no coming back from this one.

So… think about letting everyone you know “know”!

The Mark will be a technology which goes “on or in” your flesh. The technology must carry your personal identification information and be financially related (Revelation 13:13).  It could also provide medical and historical information as well as GPS tracking capabilities.bible

Hey-there saints… spread the Word!




[1] When the Great Consummation begins the Restrainer will leave the earth; at that moment, salvation will no longer be available to the unsaved. Salvation can only be obtain through the power of Jesus and He will have left the earth.

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