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Anyone who has spent time walking with God knows it is not always simple – on our side of the fence.

We trust, we doubt, we fail, we succeed and sometimes all at the same time.

Knowing yourself – way down deep where the moss grows – is not a single step in life but the journey in one.

Here’s a poem written near the end of 2013.

Though vague, it is… you may see a portion of your life’s snuggle in the rhyme?


Far and deep my eyes are trained

Though not on flora, fauna or mountain’s terrain

As if, lake of glass – double paned

Distant reflection whose figures appear inane.

Lost in thought, beyond most deep

Know not what answers my heart doth seek

Seems the deeper I gaze – the shallower my perceptions

From whence I began? – why ask such reflections?

Still, here am I, just I, just me.

Way down deep in this loch is seen

Visage mocks – no answer glean

Just one long breath – beneath the water’s plane

Glass like waters – double pained.

Most cold the glass – both shallow and deep

Elusive peace – Seaport’s Keep

Reflections seen – of cloud filled skies

Murky damp – Life keeps drifting bye.

By: Steven R. Harrel

I know the passage in, James 1:22-24 relates to us being – be doers of God’s Word and not just someone who hears and does not apply the message – BUT – that is not the take-away I’m offering in this poem.

Rather, notice the concept suggested in verse 23… the mirror.

We all have one of those mirrors.

Use yours wisely for the days of our lives are numbered and few.

Be blessed and have a great day in your – Reflections.