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As simple and bee-boppie as this song tends to be… I thought “Salvation Bound” would only appeal to children.  Gratefully, I was wrong.

One of the coolest things I like about the song “Salvation Bound” is the fact “Salvation Bound”  is loved by children around the world.  

Try it! Put this song on and watch your little ones dance across the room.

Add to this fun fact, I have also received no less than six testimonials detailing how some people’s children refuse to go to sleep until they listen to “Salvation Bound” JUST one more time (Mommy and Daddy).

Oh yeah, and my wife, Pam, is singing on this, our first CD and title song, too.

And I can’t forget the sweet natured vocalist, Cindy Aquilino, from Tucson, Arizona.

We hope “Salvation Bound” brings as much joy to your life and the lives of your children as it has to us and our children. 

Enjoy and sing along!

Lyrics and guitar chords below. 🙂

Salvation Bound

Recorded using a 12-String Guitar keyed in (D)

G  D  C  D  G  D  C  D 

Hey Brother!                                                  

Yeah you

G                     D             C      D    G

 Where    ya     headed today?

Did        I         hear you say.

God     must    really      care.

                   D             C      D    G

Can      I     hear you  say.

That   you  know the  way.

His love beyond  compare!

                          D                    C                           D    G

You’ve   got  a  smile on your heart today.

You’re praising Jesus,             praising His name.

To  send   His    Son       to       die for me.

                        D               C                           D    G

You      know   Jesus,  yes  He’s the way.

Filled with the spirit, He’s taken the blame.

From     my      sins     to    set me free!

                              D               C                                  D   

Come down the     path   meet Him        today,         today

To           the          world         this we proclaim ‑‑ proclaim!

Thank         you     Jesus    for   loving me.     Loving me!


G    D       C                        D   G   D       C         D    G

Salvation bound! Oh Lord I’m salvation bound.

            D                          C                D   G  

Don’t care what’s on the road today.

       D           C                  D   G  

No price too high to pay.

            D         C                    D

Just      want to hear you say.   Say

Fine:            D            G    D   C   D         G   D   C        D                G  D  C  D   G

Just say  Your home,              yes home,              home to st ——— ay.   Home

D      C      D    G

I’m home!