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Yes, a song of encouragement for these troubled times.

But more than that… “Hold On” offers a voice that we might cry out!

Some things we just need to say; and say it out loud, before we can let go and move on.

What is “IT”?  

That’s for you to decide.

Because “IT,” today, may not be “IT,” for tomorrow.  Today it is possibly COVID-19 and no job or not enough money because your business is falling apart.

Tomorrow, “IT” could be a lack of feeling right with your Creator.

A few tomorrows from now it may be a society gone mad WITH the Mark of the Beast literally manifesting in OUR world.

With Christians IGNORING God’s Word and no longer able to live in their cities and homes and general communities.

So whether your “IT” is your walk with God or more mundane issues…

“HOLD ON,” because God has your back as His servant, the Servants of the Living God, Jesus Christ, our Savior.

“Hold On,” because it will not be much longer before the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation is upon us and everything you thought you knew as a significant-problem – suddenly began to pail in comparison.

SO! Just “Hold On” to your walk with Jesus!

“Hold On,” because “He who endures to the END shall be saved!” (Matthew 24:13)  

From the CD: Salvation Bound by Steven R. Harrel, here are the Lyrics and Guitar Chords to “Hold On!”

Hold On

Guitar (E) 4th Fret Capo

Intro: Am C  C6/9 Em  G  Em Am  C  C6/9 Em  G  Em Am

Vs1 Ä

Am C  C6/9 Em  G     Em     Am   C  C6/9 Em  G  Em

L—o ———–   rd ‑‑‑ I’m so tired.

Am      C   C6/9     Em          G  Em Am   C   C6/9 Em   G  Em

I don’t think I can run the race   any more.

Am C   C6/9 Em   G   Em     Am   C   C6/9 Em   G   Em Am

L—or—————d ‑‑‑ I’m so tired.

      C     C6/9 Em                    G         Am C   C6/9 Em G Em       Am

My feet wont pick themselves up anymore.                        I’m so tired!

 C  C6/9 Em  G  Em  Am   C  C6/9 Em  G 

                              So  t    ——-     ired.

Am C   C6/9 Em   G  Em  Am  C  C6/9 Em  G  Em Am  C  C6/9 Em  G  Em


Am     C   C6/9 Em       G     Em

Lord I try to      believe,

Am    C             C6/9 Em                    G       Em  Am

Everything that   I      read in Your     Word.

          C   C6/9    Em  G        Em   Am

Lord I try   to be strong,

            C        C6/9 Em            G            Am

but I’ve failed and   everything is going wrong.

Am C   C6/9 Em   G   Em Am     C   C6/9 Em   G   Em

                                                so   wrong.                              Coda Ä

(Transition and Vs3)

Am   G   F     G     Am   G   F     G     Am   G   F     G    Am   G   F     G    Am

          G              F                   G     Am

Stand up and be strong!

                  G               F          G     Am

There ain’t nothing     wrong!

            G                     F     G    Am

In the   end you will    see,

                        G          F     G                Am     G   F

how you’ve     already won     the victory!

G      Am  G  F    G  Am  G  F

Hold o ——- n,   to Me!

G       Am G F      G     Am      G  F

Hold  o —— n,      and believe!

G       Am G  F    G        Am      G  F  G  Am

Stand Stro—ng     in the faith.

                        G               F          G  Am

When you’re    weak I am strong.

Am       G          F      G  Am

It wont be very long.

                  G         F                G     Am 

Before My plan is complete,

                  G               F  

and you’re home with Me.

G      Am       G              F   

Hold On!

G       Am  G  F           G      Am  G  F

Hold  O —— n!          Hold on!

G       Am  G  F           G      Am  G  F

Hold  O —— n!          Hold on!

G       Am  G  F           G      Am  G  F

Hold  O —— n!          Hold on!

G    Am  G  F G       Am  G  F  G      Am G  F G     Am G  F;           G      Am

Hold O —————————————————————- n!      Hold on!