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Hi Whirlwind Fans!

Just thought I’d drop this LOVE song into the mix of SH Music.

I wrote this song for my Sweetheart many years ago.

She was my sweetheart then and she is still my sweetheart 54 years later.

We’ve been married since June of 1978 and have no plans on changing that statis until “death do us part”.

So, here’s our song, “My Reason for Living.”



My Reason For Living

You are my reason for living.

You are the angel of my dreams

To embrace and hold you only one more time

Would be life divine to me

But to love you for forever is heaven on Earth

For I am in love with you


So kiss me and tell me you love me

And that I am the wind beneath your wings

With tear filled eyes and butterflies you think of me,

Your life’s incomplete without loving me.

That forever we’ll be together enriched by our love

For I am in love with you


And you are my reason for smiling

And why the sun shines brightly every morning

Why the birds sing songs of love each day of spring

Why young lovers cling and cry

Why loves rebirth I found on Earth when I held your eyes

And I fell in love with you


Now kiss me so sweetly beloved

Hold me and tell me you are mine

Make love to me so tenderly you whisper my name

Sweet gentle refrains of love, sweet, sweet love

Kiss me hug me hold me love me swear you are mine

For I am in love with you

And you are in love with me.

By: Steven R. Harrel

Written for: Pamela, my love.