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Frankincense and Mirth

The day it broke with star on high

With royal troupe in route to spy,

A Priest, a King, a Prophet, Prince,

A Counselor, Savior of Divine descent.


Then Angels burst thru cloud and sky,

Proclaiming Christ was born this night,

As shepherds fell in awe and fear,

And angels sang, “Your Savior, Christ is here!”


He lies in the city of Bethlehem,

In straw filled bed lies the Son of Man.

This sign is given for all to see,

This childhood King, who is Prince of Peace

Has come to bring, a time surcease

Release of pain, from bondage’ and chain.


So on to glory for God proclaims

His grace tis born – bringing end to shame;

Singing peace on earth all kindred men

For He is Son of God, Redeemer, Dearest Friend.


Great Prince of Peace forever shall Reign

Majestic, marvelous, magnificent King

Worthier, sovereign there n’er shall be

   First babe in manger, sweet Babe of Peace.


       His mother’s favor and Father’s dote

Master, Savior, God of Hope

         The Word made Flesh New Covenant in He

This hope of Man – is Christ my King!

By Steven R. Harrel
Written Christmas 2011                              
Slightly modified on these dates:      2013 & 2021