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Bunny and the Unicorn Pt5

Master Everett, tugged on Buddy’s shirtsleeve and asked, “Buddy, what’s a Frazzle?”

Buddy’s eyes widened noticeably, “Oh, that’s right. Most humans are not familiar with Frazzles or Mugruts or even Unicorns for that matter.”

“We don’t have those back home, Buddy.” Mistress Emerie replied.

Happy Steve smiled broadly, “That’s right, Buddy.  Not everyone here has heard about Frazzles or know how scary they can be.  In fact, not only have they not heard about Frazzles, you guys are the first Fuzzles they have ever met.”

Appearing hurried, Buddy said, “As amazing as that might be, we need to get under way. I’ll need to explain everything a little later. If that’s okay?”  Buddy sat down, quickly grabbing a set of oars and set to rowing.

Master Cody watched as Bree began raising the skiff’s sails and setting the Jib to catch the best winds. Already many of the Fuzzles onboard were quietly whistling tunes or singing merry songs.

Mistress Emerie noticed how one or two Fuzzles would begin a strange or ancient melody and spark Fuzzles on the other boats to join right in.  At first, only a few of the Fuzzles began stepping out in some Pirate-like dance. But before long, Fuzzles were sing-songing and dancing all over their small crafts.

“Fuzzles are sure some happy people!” Mistress Eleanor laughingly said.

“Yes, Mistress Eleanor, singing and dancing are some of the ways we keep the Joy of the Lord fresh in our hearts.” Buddy said. “As you probably know, hope is really important, especially on such a journey as this. And we believe we are going to find our families and friends.”

Ms. Bree noticed Mistress Emerie’s interest in the Fuzzle’s Sailor-Dance. “Would you like to join us in the Dance, Mistress Emerie?”

“That would be fun,” said, Mistress Emerie! “Could you show me how?”

Suddenly, Gramma’ Pam twirled in one of her fancy dance-steps, “I would love to lead the Sailor’s-Dance, Ms. Bree.  Would that be alright?” Ms. Bree grinned and directed Gramma’ Pam to the center of the boat.  Gramma’ Pam wasted no time and set to dancing the Sailor’s Dance; spinning and twirling, shuffling and whirling forwards and backwards as everyone joined in, singing,

“Yo ho, yo ho a dancing we will go!
Avast me briny mates, don’t seek ye Pirates’ fates, or else ye walk the planks,
Yo ho, yo ho a dancing we will go!”

Suddenly singing voices filled the night as Fuzzles in all five boats began crooning and prancing fancy dance-steps. The brothers, Bongo and Buggsly began throwing their arms straight up in the air and stomping and shouting out their words,

“Yo ho, yo ho a dancing we will go!
Alarm! Alarm! Bandits on the decks. Alarm! alarm! avoid ye briny depths!
Me mates – repel, lest Davy Jones’ regrets!
Yo ho, yo ho a dancing we will go!

All at once the decks were aflush with Fuzzles and humans tapping and swinging, singing and laughing the briniest of all Piratie songs and dances ever heard in the Land of Giggles!  Everyone joyfully joining in the songs and Dance of Sailors!

The afternoon was such fun. Day fading into night; singing and dancing dwindling into soft whistling and quiet conversation. Tired eyes closed as the eerie melodies of the Night-Jays began their midnight psalms over the moors. Bloat-frogs were also singing, IF, you could call it singing, it was just near the water’s edge. The croaking of the Bloat-frogs vibrated their crude yet haunting sets of lyrics across the waters; each one slightly different as they called their babies home before morning’s light. Barnels warbled too, but in some guttural form of Belchinese, it was unusual to say the least.  No one had ever translated the Barnels language, which of course included their songs. As the evening rounded towards morning, the only sounds to be heard were the oars caressing the dark waters of the Happy River as they lulled each of the young adventurers into restless dreams, or possibly nightmares.

The waters drifted by as the air became cooler. A quiet expectation seemed to settle over most of the crews. Gramma’ Pam quietly commented, “It’s been a long time since we sailed up these dark waters. Ay, Happy Steve?”

“Yes. My Sweet,” Happy Steve smiled.

Bongo mentioned how the slightest breeze could be seen cutting across the sails at this hour; still pushing their tiny skiffs northward.

Buddy softly cleared his throat, acting queasy and poking fun at Happy Steve as he made goo-goo eyes with Gramma’ Pam.

“We better get some sleep, guys,” Buddy said as he rolled on his side and closed his eyes. Most everyone else followed suit.

The next morning Master Everett was one of the first to stir, “Hey Buddy,” he whispered, “Where can a guy… ah, you know?”

Happy Steve laughed quietly and pointed, “Try the back of the boat, little man.”

Master Everett shrugged his shoulders, “boop.”

Everyone was stirring, stretching, and rubbing the sleep from their eyes.

Buddy turned towards his new friends, “Well, my giant adventurers, I hope you slept well. As I promised yesterday, I’m going to tell you about Frazzles and other creatures from the Land of Giggles.  I once shared this same information with Happy Steve and Gramma’ Pam.”

Happy Steve nodded.

“You see,” Buddy leaned in, “…not all Fuzzles can be happy all the time.  Whether it is Bree over there,” at the sound of her name, Bree turned towards Buddy and smiled. “…or any of our other fine Fuzzle friends here on the boats, sometimes Fuzzles can get a little bit down.” Buddy, raised a finger in the air, “At least for a short time, mind you.”

Bongo sighed, “Yup.”

“Most of us stay happy most of the time no matter what is going on,” Buddy said. “Every once in a while, though, even the happiest Fuzzle can get really sad. Too sad. And for Fuzzles, this can become a big problem.”

Mistress Emerie noticed several Fuzzles nodding their agreement to Buddy’s explanation.

“You see,” Bree taking up where Buddy left off, “…right now everyone is worrying about Bunny and Callyope and all of our other friends and family.  Though most Fuzzles can stay full of joy and hope and have happy hearts – sometimes Fuzzles can get carried away in their sadness. It is rare, but it does happen.”

Happy Steve looked at his friends, “Hope is so important, and with the Lord, hope is always possible.”

Mistress Eleanor’s scream shattered the quiet discussion, “Aaaaah! What was that?” she shouted!

Several of the small boats began teetering violently and tottering to and fro!

Master Everett’s eyes widened excitedly as Buddy stood, grabbing the main mast.

“What’s happening, Buddy?” Master Cody shouted while trying to look calm!

With smiling eyes, Ms. Bree replied, “Don’t worry my giant friends, all is well.”

The brave adventurers quickly noticed that everyone was smiling, and in their direction.  Neither Buddy nor Bree or any of the other Fuzzle crews seemed worried, not in the slightest. And yet, their boats were bouncing and tossing and rolling from side to side too!

“Oh that!” Buddy laughed.

Smiling, Ms. Bree said, “There are great and mighty serpents in these dark waters, my young adventurers! Giant snakes with mouths – sooooooo big!” Bree spread her arms as wide and high as she could. “These giant snakes could eat a human whole,” Bree started raising her voice. “…in one gi-normous BITE!” She shouted!

Mistress Eleanor grabbed her cousin’s arm, “Master Cody, I’m scared!”

Now smiling broadly, Master Cody hugged his cousin, “It’s okay, Eleanor.”

Bree chuckled again. She was not looking troubled at all.

Then everyone on the boats, including Happy Steve, began to giggle and to jiggle, to laugh and to grin.

Suddenly, Bongo of the Fuzzlesnout Clan, cheerfully cried out, “That happens here all the time, Mistress Eleanor.  It’s okay.  Don’t be worried, it’s all part of sailing in the Land of Giggles; leastwise, on this grand Happy River.”

“Yes,” said Slim-Jim Fuzzlemeyer, “That was just the Mugruts. They are kind of like giant Mud-Puppies living in the water.  Mugruts like to scratch their huge furry fannies on the bottoms of our boats.  I guess it’s cause they find it so hard to scratch their big-bums anywhere else. Ha, ha!” Slim-Jim chuckled once or twice teasing his friend, “Kind a like you, Bongo.”

A few of the Fuzzle crew brayed.

“Ha, ha Slim-Jim,” Bongo said, “And what about your skinny fanny? Huh, little britches?”

Slim-Jim and Bongo continued poking fun at one another as Buddy gently tickled Master Everett, “Whatta ya think, Master Everett? Did a couple of those Mugruts have some mighty big itchy bums they were scratchin’?” Buddy turned towards Master Cody, “Wouldn’t ya agree, Master Cody? Wasn’t that exciting?”

Buddy just stood there waiting for an answer. The boys laughed with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Master Cody responded, “They must have had big bums the way the boats were shaking.”

“I thought we were going to sink!” said Master Everett.

Mistress Eleanor just shook her head from side to side – her big eyes open wide.  “No! No! No! I don’t like the swaying of the boats!

Once again, everyone was giggling as they set about their tasks.  Some were making breakfast while others were coiling ropes or folding sails. All in all, spirits were high as they sailed the blue waters of the Happy River.

Then Master Everett, asked, “So, Buddy, tell me more about Frazzles?”

“Oh yes, I almost forgot. Thank you for reminding me, Master Everett.”

Buddy smiled warmly and then turned to Happy Steve, “Would you like to explain, Happy Steve?”

“I’d love to.”

“A Frazzle is a Fuzzle who has lost all their hair. It does not have a nice smile and carries way too many cares. Frazzles are not happy, not sweet nor even clean.  In fact, most Frazzles are sadly and entirely just mean.”

Master Everett noted, “They don’t sound very nice.”

Mistress Eleanor squirmed, “They sound creepy to me.”

“So, Buddy,” Mistress Emerie asked, “…could you please explain why you believe the Frazzles took Bunny, Callyope and the others.”

Bree cut in. “I can explain. We had several reports of Frazzles crossing our lands just north of Giggletown. They reportedly crossed the Frazzlerock bridge and then headed northwest across the plains.”

Buggsly Fuzzlesnout, Bongo’s brother added, “We have reason to believe the Frazzles took them to the Land of Gribbles and Grump.”

Mistress Eleanor squirmed in her seat. “I don’t like the sound of that either.”

Mistress Emerie responded to her little sister, “That doesn’t sound like a very good place to go, does it?”

Buddy spoke up, “It is not a good place to go, Mistress Emerie.” Buddy shook his head slowly and heavily from side to side. “But, it is a place we must go to rescue our family and friends.”

Ms. Bree interrupted, “Happy Steve, do you think your friends would take a turn at the oars? At least for a little while?  We have such a long journey ahead of us and they look so big and strong. I think it would help us, a lot.”

Mistress Emerie declared, sweetly, “We would be happy to help.”

Nodding his approval, Master Cody agreed.

“I’ll be glad to help, Ms. Bree.” Master Everett said brightly.

With a big smile formed on her face, Mistress Eleanor began teasing her older brother. “Everett’s got a girlfriend.” Pointing directly at Ms. Bree.

Suddenly turning bright red, Master Everett smiled bashfully at Ms. Bree and then stuck his tongue out at his little sister.

Bongo laughed, “I didn’t know your kind could change colors.”

“But it is a lovely shade of red, Master Everett.” Bree said tittering.

(Watch for the continuing Saga)

In Bunny and the Unicorn Pt6 we will meet the inhabitants from the Land of Gribbles and Grump.

Can’t wait! 😊

Artwork by: Natsumi Lam