Bunny and the Unicorn Pt3

The brave adventurers had just sped past the moon and the sun and even beyond the brightest and most beautiful of stars in the Milky-Way Galaxy – then, as suddenly as they had lifted-off and taken to the skies, they landed gently and safely before the Fairy-Tower of Knolls’ and its beautiful gates.

“It’s okay, my friends.” Happy Steve sputtered, “Remember, we are still in the land of make-believe, on a wonderful and imaginary journey.  All is well. Oh yes, all is well.”

Gramma’ Pam laughed sweetly, “That was such fun! Welcome my Little-Ones to the Fairy-Tower of Knolls!” Gramma’ Pam’s hand rose up as she directed everyone’s eyes towards the mighty heights of the Tower-Gates.

A wonderfully glistening tower rose before them – a mile high the tower climbed with a base nearly as wide. The front of the daunting Tower stood shimmering before them – diamonds and rubies, sapphires and emeralds sparkling against the Milky Way’s host of shining stars. Gold-plated, creepy-looking gargoyles decorated the tops of the giant gate’s; its archways crowded with the grotesque creatures, sentinels standing watch over the beautiful and eerie-looking Fairies and Angel-like figurines dancing below.

Unexpectedly, the young adventurers stood in fearful wonder, mouths agape – covered by tiny hands, “Wow” gawked Master Everett.

The tower gates themselves were massive, climbing seven-hundred or more feet up the face of the mighty tower. Each gate sported leopard-faced knockers each weighing at least three to four hundred pounds.

With great effort and much teamwork, Happy Steve, Gramma’ Pam and Master Cody were able to swing the gates’ giant clappers. It took several attempts before the trio were able to soundly strike the tower gates. Surprisingly, the gentlest strike resulted in a might report!

Boom, went the first strike! Boom, blasted the second! Boom, exploded the third and most deafening strike!  With each clapping of the golden giant knockers the gates rattled and trembled on their hinges. The young adventurers covered their ears with trembling fingers.

Master Everett shouted, “It sounds like an exploding rocket, Happy Steve!”

Happy Steve simply nodded as they delivered three more powerful strikes: Boom! Boom! Boom!

Without warning, a giant of a man burst through the tower’s inner doors; three times the size, he was, of any Goliath who ever stood upon the earth. His voice like canon-fire as he moved through the tower gates roaring like a lion, “I am Master Bubb. Who – Goes – There?”

“Tis I, Master Bubb. I mean, we, good sir.” Happy Steve’s voice began shaking just a little, “It is us, Master Bubb. Happy Steve and Gramma’ Pam with four of our brave new adventurers.”

Master Bubb rubbed his hip… then scratched his giant heinie “Why have you come knocking on my gates little man? And why should I grant you or your friends passage beyond these beautiful gates?”

Sweet Mistress Emery spoke up, “Please kind sir. Master Bubb, I mean. We want to go to the Land of Giggles where we can meet the Fuzzles.”

Suddenly, all four of the young adventurers took up the plea, “Please, Master Bubb, please!”

Master Bubb shouted, “Silence!” The tower gates trembled with the force of his powerful voice. Everyone fell silent. Master Bubb began to look over the strange new travelers. 

Master Cody and Mistress Emerie hesitantly stood their ground while Mistress Eleanor and Master Everett slowly edged closer to Gramma’ Pam and her protective arms.

Master Bubb continued to look over Happy Steve and his young adventurer friends. Then suddenly, with an unexpected and seemingly joyful smile, Master Bubb bellowed, “I like them, Gramma’ Pam!” He chuckled, “By golly, I do, Happy Steve! You may all enter the Land of Giggles.”

Everyone could hear as Happy Steve blew out a great sigh of relief.

Master Bubb grimaced, scratched his prickly chin and then giggled loudly, “Yes, I like your brave, young adventurers, Happy Steve, and I say…” Master Bubb paused, “…hum. Yes! I say, they may call me…” All at once Master Bubb threw open the tower-gates, leaned down and plucked Mistress Eleanor and Master Everett from the ground, whispering gently, “…you may call me, Bubba.” The force of his breath fluffing their wispy hair.

Happy Steve, Gramma’ Pam and all their young adventurers spent the next few hours feasting on Rainbow Cupcakes and blossoms from the Snickerdoodle-Tree and several delicacies and varied types of cookies fashioned by many of Master Bubb’s Fuzzle friends.

At one time or another, each of the four young adventures sat on Master Bubb’s knees or crawled over his shoulders or clung to his back. He loved it.

“Oh, Master Bubb,” Mistress Emery teased, “You seemed so scary at first, but now… now you’re a sweety… I can see that now. You were just trying to scare us, weren’t you? you big ole softie.”

Mistress Emery’s sweet little giggles were smothered under Master Bubb’s deep bass chuckling. “I must be scary, little one. I have an image to uphold!” Master Bubb then put on, what he thought was one of his scariest faces.

Everyone laughed. Mistress Eleanor snuggled into Master Bubb’s neck and said, “I love you Bubba.”

Gramma’ Pam said smiling, “I always thought you were an ole softy too, Master Bubb.”

Master Bubb roared, “Who says I’m a softy?”

The young adventurers giggled and climbed over Master Bubb all the more.

After several minutes, Master Bubb lowered each of the young adventurers to the ground, “It’s time to see you off, my friends.”

“Awww,” said Master Everett, “We’ve been having so much fun.”

“I know, Master Everett, but the Land of Giggles awaits, and time waits for no one.”

Suddenly, the Fairy-Tower of Knolls shimmered as Master Bubb gave a powerful command.

The world around them changed, shifted and then they were all standing…

                                    (Watch for our continuing saga)