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We’re back at it!

Here’s an early-bird prize! Drawn from the ether – touching on the ethereal.

It may take a fortnight or possibly two to inscribe this ancient legend. The creators of “The Night Watch” are working diligently on its next installment: “The Night Watch 17” Anoch

By an ancient and divine pact, Anoch returns to make war with the enemies of His Maker. In “The Night Watch 17”, Anoch joins with TS Whirlwind in a mission vital to the End-of-Days!

Many lifetimes ago while Anoch and his father were out hunting, they stood and watched as the heavens opened before them. Standing there on that Angelic byway, the King of Heaven extended HIS mighty hand and offered Enoch an invitation. Enoch accepted that day forcing Anoch to watch his father’s brave ascent to the Kingdom of the Maker; then, Enoch was no more!

Today, Anoch the Warrior Sentinel, combats true-evil whenever it raises its grotesque and malevolent head. When demons or Soul-Eaters or hellish creatures of any kind escape the confines of Hell, it is Anoch who is tasked with destroying their earthly and unholy forms in order to return them to the infernal realms from whence they came.


“The Night Watch 17” – Anoch