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Wow! 1,963 DAYS!
OR 5 years, 4½ months!
It’s been that long since #ThisSideoftheWhirlwind Challenged every Pastor, Priest, Theologian and Scholar to prove a single error in our End-Times book.
“This Side of the Whirlwind” = 3,500
Christians community proving us wrong = ZERO, ZERO, ZERO!

Hey Whirlwind Fans,
As you know, “This Side of the Whirlwind” has brought the Good-News that the End Draws Nigh for more than 5 years.

Here is an article bringing prophetic truths about the clustering of prophecies.
This article lists: How Close Is The Second Coming? (prophecynewswatch.com)

Elements discussed:

  • The Convergence of Signs
  • Israel Back in the Promised Lands
  • The Jews in control of Israel
  • Gospel preached throughout the world
  • The prophetic exponential curve taking place
  • Israel surrounded by its enemies
  • Israel’s exceedingly great army
  • Rise of God and Magog
  • Rise of the Ten-Nations
  • The Rise of global government (though they don’t discuss the current and existing world Financial network which already operates as a One-World-Government)
  • The denial of prophetic signs and wonders
  • The Hour is late!

Just remember, “This Side of the Whirlwind” covers each of these elements and much, much more; things which had been concealed since the time of Daniel, by the will of God (Daniel 8:11-21; Daniel 12:4-11; Revelation 10:1-7).