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Bunny and the Unicorn pt2

Gramma’ Pam turns to the little-ones, “Young adventurers, today we will travel to a place far from home, a place called, the Land of Giggles. We learned about the Land of Giggles from Buddy, a Fuzzle, who had been badly injured here in the Land of Humans. Sadly, Buddy was badly treated when he traveled through the high-country of the great Northwest. For this reason, Buddy doesn’t like to come to the Land of Humans, or Land of Men. Not anymore. Too many bad memories, Buddy says.

Happy Steve suddenly interrupted, “You know, Gramma’ Pam, many of our readers and listeners may not have heard their home referred to as the Land of Humans.  For that matter, they likely never heard about the Land of Giggles or even Fuzzles. Isn’t that amazing?  Would you please share a little information on Buddy and his homeland?”

“Sure, Happy Steve,” Gramma’ Pam said smiling, “I’d love to share. You see, in the land of Giggles, the giggles we share, there live little creatures all covered with hair. We call them the Fuzzles, and the Fuzzles are fun, they are furry and fuzzy and friendly, every one.”

Happy Steve, jumped in, “Let me share a little too, Gramma’ Pam!”

“Okay, Happy Steve.”

Happy Steve took a long breath as his eyes opened wide and his bushy eyebrows rose to the skies. “Now… there is something ‘bout Fuzzles that few people know, the more that they giggle, the more hair that they grow. Their hair keeps on growing the more that they laugh, so Fuzzles are furry for reasons like that.”

“Oh let me tell a little more too! ” Gramma’ Pam cut in excitedly.

“Please do, Gramma’ Pam,” Happy Steve laughed.

“So much fun,” Gramma’ Pam said loudly, “When this all began… Happy Steve met a Fuzzle named Phineas Hawk – when they were fishing Happy River with Zane and his pop. That’s when he met Bunny and Bree, Buddy and Slim who were all playing — Who-Snickered — with Buggly and his Fuzzleworth kin. You know, kin means family.” Gramma’ Pam giggled.

Happy Steve suddenly became serious, “I think we’re forgetting to warn our dear friends?

“Warn them ’bout what, Happy Steve?” Gramma’ Pam frowned.

“That warning of warnings – about the dangers we might face! How it’s not always friendly or ever truly safe. We must share with them this hour – ’bout those Lands – beyond that Tower.  Though it seem so very nice… we both know – sometimes – it’s like rolling Frazzle dice. Uh-huh.” Happy Steve grimaced and wobbled his head. 

Gramma’ Pam softly and sweetly spoke to their young adventurers, “Don’t be too worried, my dear little chicks. For the Land of Giggles is a beautiful trip – though we do need to be careful and always be safe, it is forever so true there are risks we must take.”

“Tis true, tis true my adventurer friends and I guess it is time for our adventure to begin.” Happy Steve broadly smiled.  “I love this part!”

“Me too,” Gramma’ Pam said turning towards Happy Steve and saying, “Simply put… our journey begins by entering the Fairy-Tower of Knolls. It is a tower of wonders, a Fairy-Tower you see.  And it rests at the very heart of our beautiful Milky Way Galaxy.”

One of their little adventures, Master Cody, chimed in, “How do we get there, Gramma’ Pam?”

“Oh my,” said Gramma’ Pam, “The great Tower of Knolls is far, far away; beyond our own planet, even beyond all our stars; beyond the Sol-system, for it is truly far away.”

Master Cody piped up again, “I’m sure some of the others would like to ask this question too.  If the Fairy-Tower of Knolls is so far away… then how do we travel so far without some kind of spacecraft?”

“Oh you tease me my little friend!” Gramma’ Pam said smiling and patting Master Cody’s cute and handsome little face. “Just so you all know – the Fairy-Tower of Knolls is found in here,” Gramma’ Pam said this while pointing to her head, “In our imaginations, my young adventurers. Every one of you has an imagination and can travel to the Fairy-Tower of Knolls. If you know how.”

Happy Steve slid in beside Gramma’ Pam, “Tis true, my young adventurers, tis very true. As you will soon find out, the Fairy-Tower of Knolls does not only lead to the Land of Giggles – BUT – it also leads to many other beautiful and scary lands with exciting adventures awaiting. So, shall we go, my brave friends? Shall we go and seek our courage?”

Everyone happily agreed!

Gramma’ Pam raised both hands to draw everyone’s attention, “Now, my little-ones, pay attention to Happy Steve, for he is about to guide us – help us – lead us — on our way to the Fairy-Tower of Knolls. Only there might we meet the Great and Powerful Guardian of the Tower, BUBB is his name!”

Happy Steve chimed in, “Though Bubb can seem charming, he can also be a very scary creature. You see, Bubb is from the days of yore, when giants still walked the lands. He is the only remaining Tower-Guardian in the universe. If we want passage to the Land of Giggles, we must first go thru BUBB.”

Mistress Eleanor whispered to her big brother, Master Everett, “He sounds scary, Everett. I’m a little scared.” Master Everett hugged his little sister, “You’ll be fine, Eleanor. I’m right here and I’ll protect you.” Master Everett hugged his sister once again.

Gramma’ Pam signaled for everyone to gather closer together, “Alright, brave travelers. Each of you, come close. Come, sit closer still, get together and prepare yourselves,” Gramma’ Pam quietly directed their young adventurers. “Happy Steve will now tell us what we need to do – so we might travel beyond our imaginings.”

Happy Steve leaned in, speaking softly, “Kindly take the hand of the person next to you. Now close your eyes; close them ever so gently. It is time to look deep within your imaginations. Slowly, look up with your minds, eyes closed, seeing your imaginary hands moving up towards the skies — YES! Now. NOW! Let fly your magnificent imagination! Let all of us fly up, and up and away, high and towards the heavens.  Let us fly where God smiles sweetly and lovingly upon you and all your fellow adventurers. Come my merry friends, lets Fly! Young-ones – FLY!”

Mistresses Emerie and Eleanor giggled.  After a few moments, Gramma’ Pam giggled too.

“Now, we have flown beyond the clouds and soared higher than the birds and flown like great and beautiful eagles thru and beyond the rainbows and the clouds. It is time to picture the great Fairy-Tower of Knolls, my little ones,” Happy Steve spoke gently? “This is important, we need to keep holding hands, staying together, eyes closed?” 

Master Everett shouted, “ Oooooh, Happy Steve, my body is stretching?”

“No Master Everett, we are not truly stretching. It is only our imaginations that are growing!”

“And our imaginations are growing” Gramma’ Pam shouted excitedly.

“Woo wee!” Mistress Eleanor squealed, “I’m stretching too!”

All the adventurers began to howl with glee!  “Weeee!”

Happy Steve whispered to each of his young adventurers, “Your imagination has taken you beyond the stars. You are flying up and away with all our friends.  Now, everyone listen to me… we are making ready to land.  For soon, we will see the great Tower.  And then we will be landing before the beautiful and colorful, shimmering gates of, the Fairy-Tower of Knolls?”

                                (Watch for our continuing Saga!)

Adorable Unicorn

When the saga continues: The brave travelers will arrive at the Fairy-Tower; I wonder what will happen next?

You should know, not all is well with Buddy and the Fuzzleworth Clan.