Who knows the mind of God? Many years ago, possibly the Year of our Lord -1985, I was inspired to writeGtrJam the song, “The Book.” As you can imagine, it related to the Bible and how the Bible is THE Book of the ages and the only real way to Life in Christ Jesus. At any rate… the following evening, Wednesday, we had an unexpected guest-speaker show up for our Full-Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International gathering, a meeting which took place at the Korenana Restaurant, Sierra Vista – Arizona. It was no great surprise that I was expected to bring a music piece or two.  I was excited about my new song, so I played “The Book”. Bringing a new song was nothing extraordinary or surprising that evening; leastwise, not until the guest-speaker was introduced as a representative from the 700 Club AND the representative was tasked with introducing the 700 Club’s newest addition for its patrons throughout the United States. The new addition was nothing less than: “THE BOOK”. The 700 Club’s, “The Book” was suppose to be an easier to read and more understandable version of the King James Bible.  Such a translation was remarkable in 1985, for new translations were not as common nor as numerous as the varied translations found everywhere today.

After much discussion regarding the extraordinary coincidence related to “The Book;” song and Bible, the 700 Club Rep simply went on his way.

A short time later we contacted the 700 Club regarding the song, “The Book” and the seemingly amazing coincidence. As far as I know, nothing ever came of that discussion or encounter.  I did not hear from the 700 Club or any of its representatives again and I’ve not since published the song, “The Book”.

What was God doing that day?  I don’t know.

Is it okay that nothing came of this encounter?  Certainly.

Why didn’t the 700 Club embrace my song and send me to the top of the charts? God only knows.

It is funny though, because it doesn’t really matter, does it?  No, not really.

What matters is our trusting and obeying the Lord.

Trusting the Lord, regardless of what we think God should do or what we think God should make happen.

Oh yes, I had big dreams.

Obviously, God had a different plans.

So I ask you: what has happened in your life that has caused you to be angry or saddened or disappointed in God’s plans for your life?

Maybe, just maybe… the 700 Club Rep needed inspiration to complete his mission in Christ…

And maybe someone writing a song on the eve of his arrival; a song related to his mission was all it took for that young man to reach the end of his task successfully.

Truly, I don’t know one way or the other.TSWW BK Cover

What I do know is this…

He is my KING — I am HIS servant.

If the KING wants his stables cleaned and I’m close at hand… then I’m the guy serving my KING by cleaning HIS stables.

Who cares what we are doing as long as we are faithfully serving THE KING!

I can tell you – I struggled with this one. I had big dreams for that song once I’d met that representative on that day.

God had different plans for me.

And I say! Better to serve the KING regardless of my desires.

Remember – we are strangers in this strange land… this is not our home (1 Peter 2:11-9-12).

God bless and keep you and may you serve HIM with all you are worth!