What joy filled my soul that first time I held my baby Granddaughter.

Her name is Emerie. Soon she will have lived ten summers.

What possibilities, such joy; so many hopes and dreams and fears un-checked await her. Blessed be the Lord, her God.

I asked myself, what was my first and biggest desire for this little creature who sprung-forth from my heredity.

The answer was simple for me: come what may… I want her to know Jesus, the Christ. Barring any and all other hopes or dreams for this little darling, I want her to truly develop a relationship with Jesus, the only begotten Son of the Living God. Then and only then can she truly know real happiness and peace.

And WOW! My sweet little Granddaughter, “Emerie” is on that great adventure; and it is a journey.

What a great Birthday gift for both her and me.

I love you lil’ Em. Happy Birthday!