Hey there Whirlwind Fans!

How’s it going?
If you’re wondering where we’ve gone… it has been over to https://www.patreon.com/user?u=15942617

For you and all Whirlwind Fans our Happy River site is free.

Granted, it is easier to navigate the Happy River to navigate its pages if you are contributing to the minimum $2.00 monthly membership, BUT it is not required. We offer all our postings for free. Our Happy River patrons get the benefit of our Steven R. Harrel music gallery as well as the poetry and the numerous articles you’ve become accustomed to here at WordPress. We also offer artwork from the Galleries of Natsumi Lam whose art varies as widely as a whirlwind’s throes.

I covet all of our followers here on WordPress and do not wish to lose a single patron. We do not care if you contribute financially to Happy River; however, our Happy River page offers more options and coverage with a simple ease in doing more. Additionally, I don’t have enough time to fully man both blogs. Sadly, choices had to be made.

I’ll still be posting on WordPress from time to time but the lion’s share of our work will be present on the Happy River page. At least take a quick look. Thank you.


Sincerely grateful for all your patronage. Steven R. Harrel