Hey there Whirlwind Fans!

In our last Post we offered the question regarding when it’s too late for salvation. In our first position we stated,

It’s too late when:

When a person has rejected the salvation message of Jesus Christ and never asked Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of their life AND THEN dies. It’s too late.

However we submitted the second position for this question with this: (Answer to follow)

Can Covid-Vaccine represent the Bible’s infamous “Mark of the Beast”?

Do you know with absolute certainty?

The answer is “THUS FAR” -NO- we can’t know yet.

So who is up for a little Russian Roulette!

You, your spouse? Your Kids? Mom or Dad?

My Dad just went and received the vaccine =

Skull and crossbones

?? Is it too late? I don’t know! Is it the Mark? I don’t know!

Do you with absolute certainty? Me either………

So here is a better answer.

When first we heard about the different vaccines for Coronavirus we were told the mRNA which would constitute the body of the vaccine would be introduced into our cells via “Nano-Tech” or nanotechnologies: Nanites, Nanobots in the form of tiny little envelope delivery systems.

At no point during the initial vaccine related presentations which covered the News Broadcasts and Internet VLOGs did we hear mention of Nano-Particles. Now! After much research and exhaustive hours searching medical journals and the like we have found some clarity… finally… regarding the vaccines.

No, it is not likely the Coronavirus Vaccines are the Mark of the Beast or related technologies.

The Nano-Particles in question are merely globules of fat surrounding the mRNA; hence, the envelopes. The mRNA itself does not easily penetrate the cell while fat is recognized by nearly all relevant human cells.

I cannot tell you the hours I’ve spent searching medical journals and constantly stumbling over references to the lipids (fat) used in the vaccines. I could not see the tree in question for great forest of information; frankly, I was fixed on seeing a specific tree.

Thanks for reading.

Remember, I am not a Scientist nor really even a Theologian by trade. I am just a follower of Jesus Christ.

And remember this – They (us) overcame him (the Beast) by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony in that we love our relationship with Jesus more, more, more than we love our own lives. (Revelation 12:11 paraphrased)

Ultimately, you are responsible to decide for your self.

Consider this: the Mark of the Beast will be some technology which goes in or on your skin and is financially based.

Any tech which meets this description is not acceptable.

Check out this article:

Understanding the nanotechnology in COVID-19 vaccines | CAS