What a privilege to have this piece of music.  

The photo above is of my mother as she sat recording that fine day (she liked to be called Patsy or Patsy Lou by friends).

I remember working with my mother on “Garden of Roses” in our recording studio that fine September morning.  My mom was 75 years young and she just loved recording this song with me.  

We recorded a few songs over a couple of hours and as you can tell from the music, she was in fine form.

As I sat here this morning – listening to this recording with her playing  (for she went to be with Jesus, family and friends on November 21st 2019) tears filled my eyes for remembering the joy and pleasure we shared that day and many days.  

Wish I had more of my songs recorded with her.  

Hindsight 20-20, right?

I Love and miss you mom.  

At least now, you really are singing and sharing in that  “Garden of Roses” with our Lord.

Hope you enjoy this rendition of “Garden of Roses”.

Garden of Roses: with Mom | Happy River on Patreon