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Wise is the Woman

Wise is the woman who builds her house in peace and does not pluck it down.

A man who finds a good wife has found a treasure beyond measure.

In wisdom is a house built and established on Godly understanding.

Happy is the woman in submission to a Godly and just man.

In prudent knowledge she will fill her rooms with all manner of precious and pleasant choices.

A man who finds joy in the virgin of his youth is a blessed man,

for she will fill each room of his heart with love and peace.

A woman of wisdom increases her beauty in knowledge and plies her understanding peaceably.

The man whose wife desirers his goodwill, shall

peacefully live in the increase of her good pleasures.

She who opens her mouth wisely and wields her tongue kindly finds the favor of her husband.

Blessed is the man whose wife walks in wisdom.

To increase your wisdom in the knowledge and fear of the Lord is to increase joy; however, she also knows how fools despise wisdom and instruction more than hunger.

Wise is the man who hears instruction, and whose wife acknowledges

His ways; for the knowledge and fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Better a single room in comfort than a mansion with a bitter and contentious woman.  Wives, follow peace in humility and you are more likely to find a peaceful home.

Blessed is the man who desires to be home.

Standing at odds with the Lord is folly; if she is wise she will not do it.

Standing at odds with the Lord is folly; if he is wise he will not do it.

Biblical references: Pr 1:7; Pr 14:1; Pr 21:19&30; Pr 24:3&10; Pr 31:26; Heb: 12:14-15