TSWW Update!


Hey Whirlwind Fans, just letting you know https://thissideofthewhirlwind.wordpress.com  will be off-line for a couple of weeks as we move forward in our preparations towards the End of Days!

If you’ve read our book, “This Side of the Whirlwind” then you know exactly why and how you should be doing the same!!!

Check this out: https://www.abc12.com/content/news/Bill-requires-employers-to-keep-implanted-microchips-voluntary-for-workers-571487171.html#:~:text=%286%2F25%2F2020%29%20-%20As%20employers%20around%20the%20U.S.%20implant,in%20the%20state.%20The%20bill%20passed%20Wednesday%20

“(6/25/2020) – As employers around the U.S. implant microchips in workers to track productivity, the Michigan House passed a bill making them voluntary in the state. The bill passed Wednesday prohibits employers from requiring workers to accept a microchip implant.”

The Signs of the Times are HERE!

There is no longer a question that the “End of Days” draws nigh!

If you are not certain – THEN YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

Don’t end  up like the Jews of WWII. All the signs were there for their generation BUT

Not like the signs are here for our generation of Christians in these Last Days!

At any rate (2.4% Just kidding)

At any rate, TS Whirlwind and This Side of the Whirlwind are too busy to maintain this blog for at least two to three weeks.

We’ll be back as Arnold would say.

See ya on the other side Whirlwind Fans!

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