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Hey Whirlwind Fans!

We apologize for the long delays in our postings.

Too often people preach what they do not practice.



We try very hard to follow the leading-s of the Lord.  In our book, “This Side of the Whirlwind,” God instructs the Body of Christ to prepare for the coming storm or Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation which is coming all too soon.  One very significant element of that preparation is for Christians to find an out-of-the-way place to establish as a retreat from normal society; normal society being where most of us live our daily lives.  You know… living in the midst of cities surrounded by people’s of every creed and faith.  Normal society is also where we can hold down jobs and send our children to schools and meet our families and friends at restaurants or clubs etc…  But things are seriously changing JUST LIKE THE BIBLE TOLD THEY WOULD!

  • Soon (if you haven’t noticed the multitude of signs actually coming to pass since January 2020) SOON and even now the world has been and is shifting aggressively against anything Christian and or Judeo-Christian value based.
  • The Mark of the Beast is essentially being distributed in the form of microchips – slowly mind you – throughout the modern world. Our government along with every other government the world over will (in the next five or six years) convert their monetary systems from physical cash to digital cash.  Are you surprised, really? Nations all over the globe are calling for “Cashless” banking systems and currencies.  In 2015 the United States was one of the last nations to implement the EMV-Payment System; a system which finally connected every nation on earth with a global financial system for Debit/Credit banking (One World Government?).
  • As our monetary systems change to digital you will no longer be able to use traditional cash and coin to purchase most things. Oh, there will be some barter and trading but not on a scale which would allow a Christian family to remain in their homes and cities.
  • You will not be able to hold down a job without the new digital currency technologies because those techs will also represent our personal IDs and connections to the Federal Government i.e. taxes, Social Security, government services etc…

So if you haven’t prepared with a place and food and supplies when these Bible base truths come to pass – what will you do to survive?  How will you provide for yourself or your families?  Where will you go when the money in your bank account hits zero?

Remember, the new tech is potentially the infamous Mark of the Beast forewarned to damn the Christian soul if taken/received.  Christians CANNOT receive the “Mark”.

Okay, we’re back to the beginning of this Post.

We apologize for the long delays in our postings.

Too often people preach what they do not practice.

We are preparing a place and food supplies and clothing and hunting, fishing and trapping equipment and supplies for the coming storm.

We pray you are doing the same for the time to prepare is nearly at its end!

From all of us here at This Side of the Whirlwind – please prepare!  Not sure how?  Read chapter 23 in our book, “This Side of the Whirlwind”.

You can find it by simple going on line and typing in the title of the book. God bless!