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The Night Watch


Jameson’s Disease

(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

※ World-News-Today: Over the past three weeks China’s Shaanxi Province has reported more than 130 deaths stemming from the unusual disease known as Jameson’s.  The development of Jameson’s Disease in the isolated province of Shaanxi has prompted numerous theories as to how the disease could have crossed such remote Chinese borders without effecting nearby cities or villages.  So far, not a single residence in surrounding communities has tested positive for the pathogen. Earlier this week the WHO responded to Chinese outcry by dispatching additional Health Squads to Shaanxi Province and neighboring communities.

※ Today March 16th 2020 New York City’s CDC and Prevention Center offers a Critical presentation on Jameson’s Disease as presented by Dr. Buzz Richards, an official with California’s West-Coast CDC office, Los Angeles: Chief Researcher, Dr. Buzz Richards:

Reluctantly, Dr. Richards allowed himself to be led into the New York City’s CDC’s central conference room.

“Buzz, good to see you.  I’m sure you know I had to pull a few strings to get you this impromptu hearing.” While shaking hands Dr. Marrow grips his friend’s forearm in a show of support and confidence.

“Remember Buzz, you’re the one who told me you needed to present your concerns about Jameson’s to the highest levels at CDC; so, “buck-up buddy.  It’s show time.”  It had taken nearly a year’s effort jockeying, wrestling, calling in favors before Dr. Joseph Marrow was able to secure this one high-level meeting with New York CDC office. Oddly Jameson’s was not on anyone’s docket.  “Remember, failure isn’t an option. So… don’t cave on me now, Buzz!”

Within moments a crowd of Health-Professionals began streaming through the doors – taking seats muttering quietly to one another.  In nearly the same instant the double-doors to the back of the gallery opened to admit a large group of Medical Specialists, professionals who came primarily because of their related concerns or general interest to the ever increasing seriousness and frequency of this new disease.

“Okay, Buzz, you’re on.  Now get in there, shake it off and deliver your concerns.” Joe gripped his friend’s shoulder, “Just show them that same passion and concern and information you showed to me.”

Buzz peered over his glasses at his longtime friend, “Uh huh?”

“You got this, Doctor Richards.  Besides, you’re here and you have to do this now.”

Buzz took one step forward and then two back, “What if they won’t listen, Joe?” Buzz quashed.

Joe firmly – almost painfully reached over and squeezed his friend’s shoulders, “Can you take ‘no’ for an answer today?”


“There’s your answer.  Make them believe Jameson’s is as much of a threat as you’ve made me believe.  Know it to be true and state it as such.  They’ll believe you if you believe what you’re saying and state it with the confidence and truth behind you.” Joe was increasingly loosing patience with his friend. “Now quit stalling and get in there.  Everyone is waiting on you!”

Joe gently guided Buzz into the conference room where all eyes turned on Dr. Buzz Richards.

The Beast hovered over Sha-nea´- Malum as he watched the crowd of insignificant humans settling into the room. “Speak Puke!  Tell me why should I not be concerned with this meeting.  They are gathering to interfere with our plans.”

“It matters not what they do here today, my Lord,” Sha-nea´- Malum purred the answer.  “Momentum has been achieved with Jameson’s even as you commanded, my King.”

An insidious and perverse smile raked across the Beast’s beautiful face. “So it is time?  Finally!” Two massive arms reached profanely towards the heavens. “Your time is up God-Boy,” the words dripped derisively from his picturesque lips. “Your DADDY can’t help them now, oh mighty Brat-God!” The Beast unfurled his enormous pinons as his screams fill the spaces under the heavens.  “So Sha-nea´- Malum, tell me of your progress.”

“Great Lord, I have confounded the Woman who transcribes for this meeting.  She will be the cinch-pin to Jameson’s continuing and glorious foothold.  She is most ready” Sha-nea´- Malum seethed gleefully; his eyes bulging with wicked anticipation as he clacked talons on his thighs.  “For weeks I have filled her dreams with terrors beyond her comprehension, so that now…” Sha-nea´- Malum paused for effect, “she dares not even doze-off for the dread of that which comes upon her as she sleeps.  She fears her own actions or reactions will harm the boy she loves.  Jax is his name, Great Lord. The Woman can barely think or concentrate at this point, my King.  She is so befuddled of mind she’ll barely be able to record the drivel from this meeting; of course, by my hand, Great Lord.  Truly child’s play, oh King…”

He could hear the bones in his neck shattering, snapping as his feet cleared the ground, “It sounds as though you are taking credit for my illustrious works, Little Dung?  Am I hearing this correctly, PUKE?”

Sha-nea´- Malum’s wings beat helplessly against the Beasts mighty arms and crushing hands, “No my Lord, Sha-nea´- Malum squeeked!  I would never…” Sha-nea´s throat closed a little more and then convulsed helplessly.  “Mercy my King, mercy, he croaked!  Please my…,” Sha-nea´s choking continued for several long moments.  When the Beast finally released Sha-nea´- Malum from his powerful grasp, Sha-nea´ could only rake the ground with his talons and grope for his much needed freedom as spasms and coughing and vomiting spewed blood and ash over the ground.  Immediately Sha-nea´ sought some form of favor before his master; Sha-nea´ chortled comforts and assurances regarding his place in his Master’s plans for the tormented Woman.

“Things better go according to plan.” The Beast menaced.

“Julia, do you have my digital recorder?” Dr. Loyola Siddiqui asks.

Julia responds, “I put it in your burgundy bag.”

As Dr. Siddiqui rummages through his bag he mumbles a few of his favorite curses in Hindi.

“Dr. Siddiqui!” Julia corrects.

“I know I told you to catch me if I went off today, but really Julia, that’s nothing.” Dr. Siddiqui guffaws.

Julia snipes in return, “Hey, all I can tell is that you’re cursing, not what you’re saying – exactly. Just that you’re saying it.

“All that from the tone of my voice, eh?” Dr. Siddiqui chuckled.

“Of course.  You know I don’t speak Hindi.” Julia says cocking her eye in his direction.

Dr. Siddiqui raises an eye-brow, “Then how can you say I’m really cursing, Nurse Dominic?”  Challengingly the doctor lifts his recorder out of his brown bag, “Oh, I thought you said it was in the burgundy bag, Julia.”

Julia looking perplexed, “I’m sorry Doctor, I thought for sure I had put it in the other bag.”

“What’s going on with you lately, Nurse Dominic?  You don’t seem your usual effervescent self lately.” Concern crossed Dr. Siddiqui’s face.

“Don’t change the subject.  We were talking about your language; not my sparkling personality.  Besides, you always have that,” Julia paused in thought, “added depth to your accent or tone when you start cussing in Hindi.  It’s too obvious.  Now act like the professional we know you are and stop.”

Dr. Loyola Siddiqui, feigned contrition and looked over his glasses before replying, “Yes, Ms Julia.”

Julia’s giggles always tickled Dr. Siddiqui; and were in fact, the primary reason he’d hired her.  He liked her comportment and could see her credentials were more than adequate; still, it was her nervous giggles that day during their interview that got Julia her job.

“The meeting is getting ready to start,” Julia warned.

The conference room at New York City’s CDC and Prevention Center was more than adequate for the task.  Monitors and keyboards lined both sides of the large V-shaped table with a sizable interactive view-screen at the front of the room and atop of the V-shaped table.  Dr. Richards stood slightly behind and to the side as Dr. Marrow called the meeting to order. The 40’ by 30’ room was filled to capacity with doctors, specialists and scientists from all fields of infectious medicine and virology in attendance.  Most of the seats were taken by those specialists in the fields Virology and Infectious Disease.  A remaining contingent of learned colleagues and invitees occupied standing room only to the rear of the conference tables.

“Welcome everyone; my name is Dr. Joseph Marrow, and I’m a resident researcher and physician with the CDC here in New York City’s CDC Center for Disease Control. Thank you, Doctors, Researchers, Technicians, Specialists and learned colleagues for taking time out of your busy schedules for this important presentation.  In attendance here today, and let me only mention a few, for we are many illustrious colleagues in attendance here today.  Thus, I’d like to introduce:”

“Dr. Bunmi Obregon: a Professor and Researcher in the field of HIV here in New York City’s CDC; working on Vaccines to end Ankara (MVA) construct for the clade C Subtype of HIV.”

“To Dr. Obregon’s right; Dr. Rafael Makinwa, a Medical Professional and Specialist doing Qualitative Health Research with the Bristol-Maylor Squigg Research Center also located in the New York City area.”

“Next to Dr. Makinwa we have Dr Jerrold Airhihenbuwa, Ph.D. Virologist with a research center which studies Anti-Viral and Companion Infectious Disease in HIV patients at the Skriggs Research Institute San Francisco, California;”

“Followed by Dr. Michael Mayler, Senior Fellow and founder of the Tucson, Arizona Culture Science Development Center (CSDC) which began extensive research on Jameson’s Disease beginning in the Fall of 2017, and has also been researching Anti-Viral and Infectious Diseases as they relate to the rise of Contagions and Virulent Disease specifically on the North-American continent.”

“Taking lead on the other side of the table we have Dr. Loyola Siddiqui MD, an Infectious Disease Specialist, Board-Certified; currently specializing in infectious diseases on the African Continent such as Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola and the Denga Virus genus.  In addition to these studies in Virology Dr. Siddiqui also practices medicine with Chicago’s Infectious Disease Center, Chicago Ill.”

“And then of course we have in attendance our Standing Room Only Crowd with many Professional colleagues and interested Scientists.  Please, everyone, make yourselves as comfortable as you can, we’re going to be here a while.”

“It is now my pleasure to introduce today’s speaker; someone who happens to be one of my Fellows and close friends, Dr. Buzz Richards.  Dr. Richards works out of the CDC’s West-Coast office in Los Angeles, California.  Dr. Richards is our primary for today’s meeting and the Medical Professional who first brought Jameson’s to our attention.  Please, a warm welcome for Dr. Buzz Richards.”

Buzz cleared his throat and stepped forward, “First, I’d like to thank everyone for coming.  I’m going to get straight to the point because we have a great deal to cover…”

For the next four hours health professionals from around the nation sat fearfully in awe as Dr. Buzz Richards enumerated the rudiments by which Jameson’s justifiably prompted today’s gathering.

“I’ll conclude with this,” Buzz rubbed his face with tired hands, “Though it appears the world has dodged a truck sized bullet with Jameson’s…” He paused, “I believe Jameson’s will be back with a vengeance in the next few years, if not months.” Buzz paused again looking from one colleague to another in an attempt to assess each associate’s pallor. “Remember, no one knows why Jameson’s suddenly began or stopped.  There really was no rhyme or reason to why Jameson’s didn’t sweep across the entire nation if not the globe.”  Buzz held up one finger in an attempt to emphasize his point, “We cannot treat Jameson’s so casually when next it resurfaces; and it will resurface!” Buzz raised his voice. “And it will!”

“I think what Dr. Richards is trying to say…” Dr. Marrow is suddenly cut off.

“I got this Joe!” Buzz cut in forcefully. “Jameson’s Disease is a plague unlike anything any of us have ever heard of or read about or seen before whether in photographs or film.  Jameson’s is a plague which could strike in Biblical proportions.  We CANNOT,” Dr. Richard’s raised his voice to emphasize his point, “cannot let this disease get away from us!  Thank you everyone for your time.”  Dr. Richards lowered his head, turned and walked calmly to stand by his friend.  “I feel utterly exhausted, Joseph.” Buzz whispered.

Seven month, fifteen days later:

World News today: October 31st 2020

  • One year ago today the Corona Virus sparked a Pandemic which later became known as COVID-19. Current numbers provided by The World Health Organization (WHO) ascribe 5,234,055 infected with just over 2,640,200 deaths over the twelve months.  The WHO reports indicate the vast majority of fatalities took place in Senior Citizen Communities, Nursing Homes and Centers for the Aged and Infirmed.  The greatest numbers of victims were citizens of Main-Land China, North and South Korea, India, Italy, isolated areas throughout Europe and of course the Continental United States, respectively.
  • As new cases of COVID-19 seem to be dwindling… Jameson’s Disease resurfaces in the Mid-Western United States with four cases reported in Ogden, Utah, three more cases in Logan, Utah and numerous remote locations reporting outbreaks in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma. To date clear or discernible connections between victims of Jameson’s is still a mystery.  Health Officials have yet to determine how patients from unrelated areas are contracting Jameson’s.  The external mechanisms by which distant individuals contract Jameson’s remains unidentified.  Federal Health agencies are recommending a continuation for social distancing guidelines and preventative measures such as frequent washing of hands.

New York Post

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) released another staggering report on the new and mysterious disease labeled, “Jameson’s Disease”. Jameson’s made its ill-famed debut in September of 2017.  As it rears its ugly head again this year it is greeted by already beleaguered and stressed health services all across our nation.  From the Western-Coast of the United States to the shores of Portugal’s southern coast and all the way to Australia’s and Northern Japan’s sunny beaches Jameson’s is making itself heard.  The CDC united with the WHO and other world health operations, claiming Jameson’s could be contained within many of these nation’s borders if Scientists would but band together and bring the full weight of the world’s medical sciences to bear on Jameson’s spreading virulence.  Unfortunately, Jameson’s once again appears to be spreading its deadly antigens and that with astonishing speed spontaneously infecting unrelated and remote locations.  Thirty-four nations have thus-far reported cases of Jameson’s Disease within the last seven months.  Urgent requests for anti-viral medications, funding for more research and an ever waning supply of medical professionals has left nations scrambling for help.  One Senior Fellow with Tucson, Arizona’s Culture Science Development Center (CSDC) stated, “The world is in the hands of God now!  It’s time to get right with your Maker.”

                                      (Watch for the continuing saga!)