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The Night Watch


Jameson’s Disease

(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

※ World-News-Today: Over the past three weeks China’s Shaanxi Province has

reported more than 100 deaths per day stemming from the unusual disease known as Jameson’s.  The development of Jameson’s Disease in the isolated province of Shaanxi has prompted numerous theories on how the disease could have crossed such remote Chinese borders.  Earlier this week the WHO dispatched additional Health Teams in response to China’s cry for help.

※ March 16th 2020 New York City’s CDC and Prevention Center

Reluctantly, Dr. Buzz Richards allowed himself to be led into the CDC’s conference room.

“Buzz, good to see you.  I’m sure you know I had to pull a few strings to get you this impromptu hearing.” While shaking hands Dr. Marrow grips his friend’s forearm in support.

“Remember Buzz, you’re the one who told me you needed to present your concerns about Jameson’s to the highest levels at CDC; so, “buck-up buddy.”  It had been nearly a year since Dr. Joseph Marrow began jockeying to get his colleague this high-level meeting. “So… don’t cave on me now!”

Within moments a crowd of Health-Professionals began streaming through the doors – taking seats muttering quietly to one another.  In nearly the same instant the double-doors to the back of the gallery opened to admit a large group of Medical Specialists, professionals who came primarily because of their related concerns or general interest to the ever increasing seriousness of the new disease.

“Okay, Buzz, you’re on.  Now get in there, shake it off and deliver your concerns.” Joe gripped his friend’s shoulder, “Just show them that same passion and concern you showed to me.”

Buzz peered over his glasses at his longtime friend, “Uh huh?”

(To be continued – soon)