The Silent Apocalypse the Series


Signs of the Times are taking place all around us as COVID-19 sweeps across our nations and the financial markets of the world come crashing and smashing across our televisions showing record losses.

But all is not lost!

There is hope in Christ Jesus!

Back in 2018 we posted five Blogs detailing the first apocalypse which will befall Christians and not the Secular world.  We called this apocalypse “The Silent Apocalypse” because the world as a whole will not see it as an atrocity.  Rather, the silent apocalypse will be seem as justified and merely the world correcting a long overdue problem within its ‘religious’ ranks.

And, religious, is right!

The Silent Apocalypse is that which will happen to Christians during the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation.  Remember, the Great Tribulation IS NOT God’s Wrath.  The year that follows the Tribulation Period will represent God’s Wrath and is mentioned in the Bible as the Year of Recompense (Isaiah 34:8) or Days of Vengeance (Luke 21:22) or Year of Punishment (Jeremiah 11:23).

So here are links for the five Blogs which make up this series:


The Silent Apocalypse, the Series

This Side of the Whirlwind: The Silent Apocalypse Part 1

Part 1 reveals the behavior many of our non-Christian neighbors will demonstrate and why during the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation.


The Silent Apocalypse Part 2: This Side of the Whirlwind

Part 2 brings you those things which will befall Christians via the Secular world just prior and during the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation.


The Silent Apocalypse Part 3: This Side of the Whirlwind

Part 3 looks at things that will happen as we enter the Tribulation Period and some of the false signs many Christians are expecting.


The Silent Apocalypse Part 4: This Side of the Whirlwind

Part 4 reveals those things which Christians must avoid once the Mark of the Beast has been instituted.


The Silent Apocalypse Part 5: This Side of the Whirlwind

Part 5 discusses the fallout for Christians who failed to prepare or think they can wait it out in their homes and cities.


I hope these are helpful.

So what’s the point of sharing these blogs at this time when the world is in turmoil?
WE present these blogs today because the time of preparation is now and short and is about to have many elements which could stand in our way as we set about our preparations for the End-Times!

If you’re looking for what to do SO YOU CAN BE PREPARED check out Chapter 23 of the book, “This Side of the Whirlwind”. You can get a copy online at Westbowpress.com or Amazon.com or even at your local bookstores (Christian or otherwise).

Whatever happens… don’t be fearful.  Don’t be filled with doubt or concern.

God created – YOU – at this time – for this time.

We are that generation set aside for this time of the End.


Trust the Lord.

Have faith.

Never bow before the Beast or his image (Revelation 13:9-18 and 14:9-11).

And whatever you do… never, never allow any technology which is financially based or could be upgraded to a financially based piece of tech to be placed in or on your skin; regardless of whether it is in your right hand or forehead.

I know it seems like this Post could be seen as a religious anachronism of the guy standing on the corner with the sign saying, “Repent, the End of the World draws nigh!”, nevertheless, its message is sound and true.

We just need to add to the sign

“Repent AND PREPARE, the End of the World draws nigh!”

The Body of Christ will not be Raptured before the Great Tribulation of the Great Consummation begins.

How do we know this?

Because SCRIPTURE tells us in Matthew 24:29-30:

  • Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: AND THEN (don’t miss this expression) AND THEN shall appear the sign of the Son of man in the heaven: AND THEN shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

Trust the Word of God over what your preacher may teach.

The Bible… the source!

God bless you one and all.

Pray for our fellow Believers for persecution is rampant throughout the world today.

And prepare, prepare, prepare!