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Precursors to the Mark of the Beast

Back in November of 2017 we informed the Body of Christ THAT:

Jamaica was instituting the NIDS system which is a bio-metric and in some cases a Micro Chipping implant system; though this is less common.

Here’s a link: https://opm.gov.jm/portfolios/national-identification-system/

Which photo will represent YOU?

Though we reported in 2017 that Australia was also tagging its citizens /// we have since learned the News story was a deception.  While there are those in Australia who have embraced MicroChipping and implants it is not something done on a national level; leastwise, not YET.

Fake News called out!  Sorry folks, we, like you are human.  To forgive divine!


We reported at the end of 2017 that Singapore was heading cashless with nearly 95% of its people using non-cash systems already.  As of April 2018 the trend was continuing and according to 3E-Accounting Singapore is vying for Cashless by 2025.

As you no doubt heard, Swedish Corporations such as Epicenter have already gone Bio-Implant starting with Epicenter implanting more than a thousand employees (which is reported to be going swimmingly) and there is also the Wisconsin Company in the United States of America which tagged most of their employees and according to company reports their experiment has been a roaring success.

So today, these things are happening in this slow progression.

But, we must remember there are nearly 8 Billion people on planet earth which will be tagged requiring lots of time for tagging the world’s population before the Tribulation Period begins.

And the majority of the World will need to have ALREADY been implanted by the time the Beast is outed and the Mark of the Beast (MOTB) becomes mandatory.

Why does the majority of the world’s population need to be ‘already’ implanted, you might ask; because, the MOTB begins in full swing at the beginning of the Great Tribulation of the Great Consummation and it would nigh impossible to implant 8 billion people in just a couple of months.

Bear in mind, the (MOTB) is that tool used by God to separate True-Christians from Pseudo-Christians in fulfillment of prophecy and before the Rapture takes place.  Above (nearly) all else God abides by those things He had the Prophets prophesy.  What God had written WILL come to pass!




A True Christian who makes it through those Pearly White Gates —


A Pseudo-Christians whose only thought is their needs for today?

Remember Matthew 7:21-25 relating to Pseuso-Christians.  They’re not going to reach the Kingdom of the Lord but will instead hear Jesus say, “I never knew you!”