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“Jesus Confirms a Contract” The Series”

Here’s your chance to understand how Jesus Shall Confirm a Covenant with many for one week.  AND how He will in the middle of this week cause the sacrifices and offering to come to a close ALL in accordance with God’s divine program and prophetic plan.

This Post launches a series which proves Jesus is the “HE” mentioned in Daniel 9:27 and not the Anti-Christ or Beast.

This first link reveals the Great Consummation and how significant Word Choices (WC) Daniel employed truly make a difference:


Next you’ll encounter “Split-Versing” (SV) and how SV impacts how we interpret Daniel’s writings:


He shall confirm a Covenant 3 breaks down those significant Word Choices and delivers concrete evidence which show the Saints of God are Daniel’s “People of the Prince”.


In the next Post a short comparative discussion delivers further evidence that Jesus is the Messiah, the People of the Prince and the person referred to by the pronoun “He” in Daniel 9:27.


He shall confirm a Covenant 5 breaks down the first half of Daniel 9:27 exposing Jesus’ role as Messiah and how elements of His crucifixion were prophetic and spot on!


He shall confirm a Covenant 6 provides revelation which confirms the New Testament connection to Daniel’s prophecies in the Seventy Weeks of Daniel prophecy and the “Shut up the words and seal the book UNTIL the time of the END” prophecies.


This last installment divulges the continuities between Old and New Testament prophecies and breaks down the second half elements of Daniel 9:27.



Remember, the New Testament is a CONTRACT between Jesus, the Son of God, and each person individually for salvation or damnation.

Pretty important stuff, don’t you think?