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The Night Watch



(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

In the darkness Julia twisted violently towards Jax slamming her face against his shoulder before brutally scratching at his head, back and shoulders.

Because tonight was the third night Julia had lashed out in her sleep, Jax was Johnny-on-the-spot ducking and covering to protect himself.  Jax was also concerned Julia’s assaults might result in her injuring herself.  It’d been more than three weeks since Julia began experiencing dark and mysterious dreams; violent forceful dreams her Psychologist termed, “Night-Terrors”.

As Jax spun to his right he caught Julia’s incoming fist inches from his face.  Jax grabbed her about the waist before pinning her right arm soundly to her side, “Wow, girl, I’m sure glad I saw that one coming!”  A moment later, Jax was forced to pull Julia over his chest and hips before trapping her other arm forcefully but gently between them and the bed.

Julia began to cry out, It shall be for a Time, Times and a dividing of Time for us to reap the Whirlwind!”

“Ow!” Jax hollered as Julia dug her teeth into the deltoids of Jax’ left shoulder, “Julia, Julia wake-up!” Jax’ shouts increased in volume.  “Julia!  Julia!  Ow baby!  Stop it!  Take your teeth out of my arm you nut! Wake up, you’re shouting and kicking and biting me in your sleep, Baby!  Wake up!”

Julia struggled in Jax’ arms, fighting shadows for another minute or two, before slowly calming and relaxing into his arms.  Gently Jax prodded her and poked her here and there attempting to wake her as he sweetly pleaded for her, “Julia, wakeup Baby or turn on your side.  You’ve been yelling in my ear girlie-girl.”

Jax jumped as Julia’s arms shot towards the ceiling, crying out, “The days of our plunder shall be twelve-hundred and sixty days and we shall feast upon the flesh of women and the flesh of children, the flesh of ruination and men.”

“What are you saying, Julia?”  Jax shook her more soundly.

Julia struggled in Jax’ arms, “Malumshore!  Malumshore!” She cried!

It took Jax more than ten minutes to roust Julia from her nightmares by which time Julia was soaked to the bone.

Julia’s eyes sprung open, “What’s going on?”

“You were acting out in your sleep again,” Jax replied.

Tears began filling the corners of her eyes, “Did I hurt you or hit you?  What was I doing this time?”

Hot mess and all, Jax gathers Julia in his arms attempting to sooth her trembling and exhausted body and soul. “I don’t know Baby.  You were saying some pretty weird things again.  Do you remember any of it?”

Julia pushes her face deeper into Jax’ chest, “What kind of things did I say?”

“Well,” Jax started to say…

Quickly Julia pulls her face out of Jax’ chest bringing her face up to Jax’ at eye level, “Wait! Could you please turn on the lights?  For some reason I’m feeling awfully scared in the dark right now.”

Jax reaches over turning on the bed-stand light.

Julia meekly searches the room with her eyes.  “So what kind of weird things did I say or do?”

“You were shouting things like, ‘42 months; twelve-hundred sixty days; death to the Sons’ of Creation and a lot of other strange things I can’t quite remember.  I was kind of occupied at the time.”

Julia began to cry softly into Jax’ chest, “Why am I suddenly doing this stuff?  What’s with these terrible nightmares?”

“I don’t know, Baby,” Jax squeezes her just a little tighter, “I don’t know.  We’re going to try and get you some help.”

(Watch for the continuing Saga!)