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Hearing God’s Voice

Hi Whirlwind Fans.

I am opening Doors for you?

By the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established (2 Corinthians 13:1).

February 9th 2020, as I was playing my guitar and worshiping the Lord I received this Word, “I am opening doors for you.”  This Word from the Lord was followed by a vision where I was playing at Reid Park, in Tucson, Arizona.  I was set up somewhere near the Southwest section of the park just off the corner of 22nd St. and Country Club Rd.  In the vision I was sitting at the side of a Ramada simply playing Worship and Praise music.  A short distance away was a sign on a post which read: Come and Worship the Lord with Steve Harrel.

Now for anyone who has read our “True-Life series #5-#7” you’ll understand the significance of that phrase, “I am opening doors for you”.  I had not heard a single whisper from the Lord which included “open doors for you; or eyes that many may see; or ears that many may hear” since that mountaintop experience on the Mogollon Rim of the White Mountains, Arizona.

I was pretty JAZZED to say the least!  A little later that morning I told Pam about the Word I’d received from the Lord and the Vision that followed.  I asked her to keep this Word I’d receive quite and to herself.  I then asked her to be listening for any conformation from the Lord, “specifically” any phrase which would include, “I am opening doors for you.”

As I’m sure you’re aware, the phrase “I shall open doors for you” isn’t in common vernacular.

Three days later… Wednesday, February 12th 2020, Pam (my sweet wife) is in a One-on-One meeting with her supervisor she calls Ms. P.  For this meeting Pam was feeling particularly stressed over quota.  Though she is considering getting out of Medical Coding she still wants to leave her current employment on a high note, all pluses.  At present, Pam and I are both ready for her to move on, quit Coding, and go to something less stressful.

The bottom line for me was Pam’s stress levels; thus, I was pushing Pam to get out of her Coding job and switch to something less demanding even if it was elsewhere within the company.  Recognize, Ms. P had no idea I was pressuring Pam.

Near the outset of the meeting Ms. P recognizes Pam’s stress and responses by saying, “2020 will open doors for you Ms. Pam.”

Pam told me she was stunned by the phrase and new it was a confirmation from the Lord the moment she heard it come out of Ms. P’s mouth.

Ms. P then proceeds to tell Pam that their company will soon be raising productivity levels creating a higher pressure level.  Oddly enough, the increase in productivity included an increase in the time each Coder would have to complete each customer’s chart.  Previous requirements were equal to one chart every 5.2 minutes.  The new standard would require Pam to produce one chart every 6 minutes!  Wow, what a boon for Pam.  Pam consistently averages 5.7 or better per chart.  Pam was wanting to stay in this job but needed some kind of change to lessen her stress levels.  Thank You, Jesus!

Additionally, Pam had not told Ms. P she was thinking about turning in her resignation.  Nevertheless, in the general conversation between Pam and Ms. P, Ms. P told Pam she had gone to her (Ms. P’s) supervisors and supported Pam’s excellent performance and quality standards.  Ms. P reported Pam’s excellent quality levels and efforts towards improvement over the past year asking her supervisors, “What can we do to keep Ms. Pam?  We don’t want to lose her.”

IN this single encounter/meeting the Word from the Lord was confirmed for a second time with Ms. P stating, “2020 will open doors for you,” AND some of the pressures were taken off Pam both from work and home (me).  Lastly, her boss’ actions suggested God was (as usual) in the middle of Pam’s and my need and provided a way for Pam to remain in her current position; as she desired.

Isn’t it good to serve such a loving and hands-on God?

Okay, now we’ll wait for the third witness!  That is as of 2/12/2020.