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Has the Mark of the Beast Arrived?

If someone told you the Mark of the Beast “is here”, what would you say?

We’ve already seen businesses in Sweden, Australia, Canada and the United States begin to implanting their employees with microchips.

At the moment the process is voluntary but what will YOU do when “The Mark of the Beast” does more than just hit a few dozen stores or kiosks near you?

Will you be ready to “JUST SAY NO!”

Technology for “The Mark of the Beast” currently exists and is being employed throughout the world today. The RFID and Microchip technologies can be useful and amazing in some ways.  Currently the up and coming tech offers immediate access to:

  • finances (banking, sales and purchases)
  • medical records on hand (pun intended too)
  • reliable personal identification
  • quick movement thru airports, over land or sea
  • and soon, if it is not currently available, access in real-time to our elderly parents’ physical locations and medical condition
  • micro-chipping of our adolescent children could also monitor real-time locations, purchases, school performance and or medical records and who knows how much more.

Across the globe the Bio-tech is already in use and growing in popularity.

So the question remains… what will you do when you are asked or required to receive a bio-implant?

Today you can just say no, but what about tomorrow.

Bear in mind, when the government requires Chipping – there will be few legitimate reasons for a citizen to Reject the Tech.  Imagine telling your government, “Sorry, I have to refuse the Micro-Chipping technology because God “commanded” us to reject the tech.

And what’s the alternative, “Anyone who worships the Beast, or his image or receives his Mark in their hand or forehead will suffer the full measure of God’s wrath.” In other words, damnation (Revelation 14:9-11).

So, consider by what means you will purchase food or shelter.  How will you feed your family, pay your rent/mortgage, buy fuel for your car or pay your taxes when your nations mandates the Mark of the Beast?

There is zero question, the Mark of the Beast is here and coming so day soon to kiosks near you.  Just remember, your faith (as a Christian) demands you reject the tech or suffer the full Wrath of God?

Why did God make such a plan?  Well, that’s for another blog.  Just know, that such is the mechanism by which God will separate true-Christians from pseudo-Christians (the Lukewarm) during the Tribulation Period.  Only those who remain faithful (endure to the end Matthew 24:7) will be Raptured.

NOTE: The Mark is here whether people recognize it, receive it or reject it outright. The real question is… what will you do?