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                                             Night Watch 9


(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

Fox News: October 1st 2015

Today our nation institutes a new financial system, the EMV-Payment System, which goes into effect in these United States today, October 1st 2015.  The United States is the last nation in a long line of nations to convert to this new global financial networking system.  The new system offers Users near instantaneous and secure access to personal bank accounts anywhere around the globe.  Credit Card customers will now have the opportunity to use their Credit/Debit Cards in every port, city or township throughout the world.  America, welcome to your future!

Sha-nea´- Malum, a Prince of Darkness glides to a stop just behind the Great Prince, King of the Underworld.  Two grotesque figures stand writhing on a boundless mountainscape of ash deep within the shadow world far beneath God’s beautiful heavens.  For hours they stand simply watching… waiting for unavoidable prophecies to unfold; watching them rise out of the folds of an immutable inevitability ordained by the Almighty.

Today, the Great Prince seeks victory over his oppressor; the Almighty, God of Creation Himself!

Sha-nea´- Malum seethed with hatred as he bowed before his master, the Beast, speaking in his usual guttural tones, “My Lord,” his voice grating on the Great Prince’s already restless mood, “We are nearly ready.  All systems should be online globally as soon as the United States initiates their portion of the EMV Payment System.  It is scheduled to take place today, Great King!”

The Dark Lord stood silently reveling in his own strength; reeling with bitter anticipation over the Coming Storm and the inevitable damage his longtime adversary would soon suffer.  “An inescapable victory followed by the Son’s – inglorious defeat,” he thought.

“My Lord?” Sha-nea´- Malum sidled closer, daring again to speak and gaze upon his master’s face.  “My Lord?” Sha-nea´- Malum intoned once more, “What would you have me do, Great Prince?”

Abruptly Sha-nea´- Malum found himself flung from the mountaintop and now sprawled in a bloodied heap amidst the company of his Master’s entourage.  Several beasts who were previously hunkered down below The Beast’s position found themselves crushed beneath the enormous bulk of Sha-nea´- Malum.  Sha-nea´- Malum’s unforeseen and abrupt arrival sent six Guardians to destruction with several more crushed beyond agony or misery.

The Beast, that Great Prince finally deigned to speak, “The LORD said, ‘MY Spirit shall not always strive with man, for Man is but flesh and blood and his days are limited.’”  The Great Prince then reached down seizing one of his fallen Guardians and ripped its flesh from muscle and bone.  Immediately the Beast thrust portions of the Guarding’s fetid flesh into his mouth. “The days of our plunder shall be 1,260 days and we shall feast upon the flesh of women and children and the men of ruination.  For men of God are corrupting themselves over filthy riches and fleshly comforts and shiny baubles even to the loss of the Mighty Oppressor’s Grace, and all for naught!”  A magnificent wailing escaped from the mouth of the Prince as he roared over the valleys of the Shadow World where riotous bursts in vulgar jubilation erupted in debaucherous swells.

“Forty-two months,” he screamed, “Forty-two months to revel!” Then the Great Prince launched himself skyward shouting blasphemies and profanities against the Son and His Father, the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth.

Finally, with shouts to his minions which filled every mountain and valley of the Underworld he cried, “We shall have a Time, and Times and Half a Time to reap the magnificent Whirlwind upon the ruined peoples of this rotting, festering, cesspool of a world!”  Even as The Beast’s voice faded into the distance, the voice of his minions, those who filled the mountains and valleys, crescendo throughout the Shadow World where wicked cries of victory and coming destruction did abound!

(Watch for the continuing Saga!)