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The Night Watch


It Comes!

(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

5 a.m. Wednesday morning January 30, 2008

With the intense similitude of a passing freight-train an immense voice rose, screamed something unintelligible in his head and quickly faded away driving TS straight out of bed where he stood wide-eyed, awake and cold.

TS realized he stood covering his ears, “Wow!” he said loudly, “What was that?”

Such abruptness caused Irene to throw up a protective arm against TS’ wailing.

“Good heavens, TS!  Do you have to shout?  I was up late all last night and just got to sleep a few hours ago.  Go back to bed T.  Have a little mercy.”

Gently, TS sat down and was about to sooth his wife’s ire when he was seized by a great power.  TS’ arms stretched out behind him as his eyes involuntarily shot skyward and the voice of the Lord enveloped him!  Though TS had heard GOD’s voice on many occasions throughout his life, this time was somehow different for GOD’s voice boomed into his mind, “It Comes!”

In that same moment power erupted from TS’ chest and emitted something akin to an invisible light and prophetic force directly out of the center of his chest.  The spiritual force seemed to be ever broadening and beaming powerfully towards the heavens with purpose.

The voice of the Lord bellowed again forcefully, interminably, “It Comes!”

As the touch of the Lord’s powerful presence began to fade TS felt rung out, exhausted and reeling from the immensity of what he’d just experienced.

“Lord, what comes?” TS muttered.

The room lay dark and quiet and all too silent.

TS whispered again, “Lord… what comes?”

Silence blanketed the dark room.

From the many divine encounters to which TS felt privileged to be a part, he’d learned to be patient.  All too often Words from the Lord were built upon as they shaped God’s purposes and plans in people’s lives.  More importantly, Words from the Lord always required the confirmation of two or three witnesses.

“I trust you Lord.  I’ll wait.” TS sighed, “You’ll let me know in Your perfect timing.  I hate waiting.”

(Watch for the continuing Saga!)