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Decay Rate of Faith

We’re going to begin with this true statement:

Our ‘faith’ in God and His Word is directly proportional to how big and powerful we believe or perceive our God to be.

Does it matter whether a Christian truly believes the Bible’s amazing stories?  What, for example, would it matter if a Christian didn’t believe the Creation or Salvation stories?

Or how about Moses’ Exodus message which began 400 years earlier with Joseph and his coat of many colors?

You know Joseph’s story precedes Moses leading the Israelites out of the land of Egypt by about 400 years; furthermore, the historic event describing how Moses cried out, “Let my people go!” and the Pharaoh refusing Moses’ request either happened or it’s a lie.

The coat of many colors story begins in Genesis 37 marking the beginning of that 400 year prophecy and illuminated Joseph’s plight as a kidnapped free man who was sold into slavery, if you’ll believe it, by his brothers no less.

Can’t you just see the surprise on Joseph’s brothers faces when they discovered Joseph held their lives in his hands as Pharaoh’s number one Go-To-Guy.  What a kick in their proverbial faces; Surprise!

Imagine how wicked and stupid these brothers must have felt when they explained to dear ol’ Dad, Jacob (also known as Israel) that Joseph was actually alive and now the Man-N-Charge who was intentionally holding Benjamin, Jacob’s favorite son, prisoner pending the bothers return with Daddio to Egypt.

I’d imagine that produced a little personal gratification and payback for Joseph; what do you think.

Eventually Jacob and his people moved to Egypt and prospered on a significant scale.  The Hebrew people some years later fell out of favor with the Egyptians and then ended up as slaves for the balance of 400 to 425 years or so; just as prophecy foretold in Genesis 15:12-21 – way to cool.  I love seeing prophecy fulfilled.

Oh yeah, then after that 400 years, who can then forget the story of Moses as he is drawn from the water and is adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter.  Moses becomes the adopted cousin to the guy who would one day become the new Pharaoh in Moses’ story and hay-day; that period when Moses becomes Israel’s deliverer and great leader?

I know I’m leaving a lot of stuff out but you’ve heard or read or seen Charleston Heston playing Moses and calling forth the ten plagues of Egypt.  Who can forget Moses’ adopted cousin, now the Pharaoh, Yul Brynner, refusing to allow the Israelites to go and worship their God.  Then Yul, that poor little Pharaoh, lost his first-born son before he felt forced enough to release the Jews.  Too bad – so sad for Pharaoh, wouldn’t you say? And what did the Israelites do when released?  They marched victoriously out of bondage and fled riotously into the wilderness and deserts of Egypt only to circle the wilderness for the next forty years.

Okay, who can really believe any of these exaggerated Bible stories, right?

The question is, do you?

Does it really matter?  Should it?

If you’re not sure let me be the one to say it succinctly: YES!

True statement again:

Our ‘faith’ in God and His Word is directly proportional to how big and powerful we believe or perceive our God to be.

Consider this:
According to Genesis chapter one… OUR GOD:

  • (verses 1-2) created the heavens and the earth IN ONE DAY; in essence, the vastness of the Universe during a tiny window of time…


  • (verses 14-19) AFTER God created the heavens and earth He
  • THEN
  • placed the stars in the heavens (the universe)
  • the Sun and Moon in the skies above the earth so they would illuminate the earth’s day and the night.

This is a huge deviation from scientific theory.  Could that be why God formed the universe the way He did?  Who knows?  What we do know is that OUR trust and faith in Him is essential to a healthy relationship with our Creator AND a happy faith filled life.

Let us not forget science is derived from observation and mostly (foolishly) excludes the possibility of God or a Creator creating our universe.  No one alive today (except God) saw what really happened at the creation of our world and universe; did they?

Bear in mind, rational thought and logic will not help us and does not necessarily apply when we’re talking about an ALL-POWERFUL Creator who could and DID speak into existence an entire universe and that done within moments of time.

Okay, remember, I began this post with this statement:

Our ‘faith’ in God and His Word is directly proportional to how big and powerful we believe or perceive our God to be.


  • Is your God capable of speaking our universe into existence?
  • Is God bound by human conventions such as logic and science?
  • Could God create stars billions of light-years from earth and still cause that star’s light to reach earth at the same moment in which He created the star?

When we consider Moses and the Israelite Exodus…

  • Could the God of your perception create Jacob and Joseph and Moses and the ten plagues and cause the Israelites to exodus Egypt just as the Bible describes?
  • OR
  • is God so limited to you He can barely wipe His own nose let alone take care of your problems or issues?

We can’t (as Christians) have it both ways.

Either the God of Bible is real and true or He is just a cognitive concept solely invented – by humans – to help humans – deal with the difficult world in which we live.

Because guess what!

If your God could not do the things the Bible describes…  Then He cannot be God!

Then Jesus and His utterly incredible story of Virgin Birth, life, death on the cross and resurrection as the King of kings and Savior is simply a fraud.

The power to save the souls of billions while still providing free will and judgment for those who reject Jesus would simply be a mental exercise and lie.

SO ASK YOURSELF: Whose message will you believe?  John 12:37-41

I will believe the report of the Lord!

John 12:42 (paraphrased) even among the rulers many believed in Jesus; however, because they were afraid of their peers and how people would treat them they CHOSE not to believe.

John 12:43 (paraphrased) for they loved the approval of men more than the approval of God.

John 12:48 “He who rejects Me (Jesus said) and does not receive My words, has that which judges him – the Word of God that I have spoken will judge him in the last day!”

Whom will you believe?

We will believe the report of the Lord!

Oh yeah, the Bible also says “THE END DRAWS NEAR!”

So you better get a copy of our book, “This Side of the Whirlwind” and find out what’s coming in your not too distant future.