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Days of Noah


As the Days of Noah

If not 1 Thessalonians 5:9 then it’s Matthew 24:36-41 which causes some believers mistakenly think Noah’s

adventure indicates Believers will be Raptured before the Great Tribulation takes place.  Mistakenly some Believers think Matthew 24:36-41 depicts the Body of Christ as receiving a free pass while the sinful world endures God’s final days of purification and trial; however, Christ’s allusion to Noah’s adventure in this passage is there for another reason altogether.


Jesus has just finished revealing to His disciples a narrative on the conditions surrounding the last days; His prediction of the great tribulation; false Christ’s and false prophets appearing on the global scene in the last days; a time when the sun, moon and stars will descend into darkness and the Angels being sent to the four corners of the earth to rescue the saints/elect of God.

Just prior to this section including Noah, Jesus preaches the parable of the Fig Tree saying: Matt. 24: 33, so likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors, 34, Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. 35, Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

Jesus then tells them only God the Father know the day and hour when these things will come to pass, then tells His disciples His return will be like the days of Noah.  What was He saying?

  • Think about this: Noah spent 120 years building the Ark. 120 years with everyone in that part of the world hearing about a man building a giant monstrosity of a boat saying GOD told him to do it.  Noah and his family spent 120 years building an ark and warning anyone who would listen.  120 years is a long time to be building a gaudy extravaganza while warning surrounding peoples to prepare for something never seen before… rain.
  • Add to this concept: during the last few days, weeks, months or possibly years of the Ark’s construction God was sending animals to fill the Ark. First, clean beasts came by sevens; seven males and seven females, and then the unclean beasts God sent by twos; two males and two females.

What a spectacle it must have been.  Imagine how the people behaved when they saw 14 Peacocks, 14 buffalo and 14 giraffe strolling through their communities.  And even more startling must have been four elephants lumbering by possibly followed by four kangaroos or four hippopotamuses swaying to the rhythm of their troop, clomping through their villages or fields and across their streams.  Do you think some of the villagers might have wondered if Noah could have something?

  • Just as “in” the days of Noah… our world is experiencing signs and wonders revealing God’s hand and His plans and coming actions to unfold.

One example for this might is found in global financing.  The Word speaks of that coming period when the Mark of the Beast will be forced upon every consumer; every person young or old.  And guess what, that day is nearly here!  Like it or not, just around the proverbial corner.

Consider – Only a few years ago people discussed the imminent return of Christ with open disagreement.  People would claim Christ could return at any time. Not possible then for Biblical reasons.

Few if any could speak up or prove Christ’s imminent return was impossible before certain signs and prophecies came to pass.

Truth be known, God had not YET released the balance of End-Times revelations until 2016 (Daniel 12:4-9; Revelation 10:1-7)  Sadly many Christians were then and now too weak in their Biblical knowledge to explain what is going to happen; leastwise, too weak to suss it out or reason through God’s Word and prove scripturally the purpose for the End-Times and Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation.

One of those unworkable reasons being the Mark of the Beast wasn’t plausible yet.  Well those days are gone and the technology for the Mark is here.

As in the Days of Noah… i.e. “The Ark,” so today we have “The Mark of the Beast”.  What Christian believes it’s coming while they are still here on earth?  Well… the Mark of the Beast is here and most can’t see the forest for the trees: meaning – for the wealth of common technology most Christians will only see the “Mark” as another tool and not a demarcation of Damnation.  Anyone who bows before the Beast or receives his Mark is Damned! Revelation 14:11.  As in the Days of Noah?