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Prophecy Fulfilled

There are none so blind as those who “refuse” to see!


Consider the nation of Israel the Christmas Season:

  • Israel is so tiny it could fit more than 12 times into the state of Arizona (Arizona is found in the western United States). I believe it would fit 13.4 times land-mass to land-mass.
  • This tiny dot on the earth somehow draws vast attention globally; more than nearly any other comparable state.
  • Israel is the ONLY people/nation/culture –in the history of the world- to be exiled for more than 1800 years and then to return to the land of their forefathers as the same People/Faith/Nation as that previously occupying those lands.

Israel is:

  • The Original Nation
  • On the original lands of their forefathers
  • With their original religion intact
  • Following more than 1800 years in exile
  • And all prophesied AND fulfilled perfectly in accord with more than 6 Biblical prophecies.

Bear in mind, many of the prophecies were written more than 2,500 years ago and were fulfilled to the letter.

Yep, I’m sure there’s nothing to it!


Who’d believe that slop in the hogs mouth?  Oh, I think I just accidentally referred to myself.  Oops!  Well, if the slop drips…


I know you can see where I headed with this snippet.

Snicker, snicker…

How blind can anyone be?

None so – that’s who!  None so blind as those who refuse to see!

Well, Merry Christmas Whirlwind Fans – and a Happy New Year!