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Just Let it Rise!

Let the beauty of your walk with God rise within you.

  • Fill your heart with worship for His glorious name.

Let your spirit rejoice for His Spirit resides within you.

  • Communion, Spirit and Soul,
  • Singing “Meet me oh Lord; draw me near to YOU!”

Let your mouth shout His praises – for His glories fill all worlds.

  • Then bow both heart and knees to His divine purpose in you.

Let your fears be surrendered – walking in faith – knowing – He will take action as He sees fit!

  • Then take your peace for it comes when we truly trust the Lord.

Let your words and actions bespeak your walk in Him.

  • Then truly bend your life to seeking Him in all His ways:
  • Seek HIM in the morning
  • Seek HIM for a move of His hand in your every day
  • Rejoice in Jesus for He is THE Savior.
  • Seek HIM for HE is good!

Let the beauty of your relationship with our Creator rise within you!

                                  Just Let It Rise!

By: Steven R. Harrel                                                               Finished 10/21/2019