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Oh God, What If?

The Quest:

Oh God, what if –

I were to You obey –

With all my life, through all my days,

endure my cross, obey Your will,

regardless the pain or strife I feel

Bear humiliations and sorrow’s

cold breath

Brave disgrace and live bereft

Face the choice of a martyr’s short, short life

Just to live my life for Christ?

To Sacrifice:

My Lord, yet still – what if following You–

Means my dreams go forfeit, my hopes askew,

What if all I’ve wanted, dreamt or needed

Must pass beyond my life unheeded,

What if I must live in abject loss,

To live Your love, to bear my cross

Until the time my soul seeks rest.

What if this I must do to serve You best?


When I first agreed to bear my cross –

You told me then I could suffer great loss –

of life or friends, of hopes or deeds –

You did not promise my life at ease –

But tribulation during each one’s walk

Tribulation for those who truly bear their cross

Never once did You lie, or misrepresent –

The tears I could cry, the clothes I should rent –

The chance of great sorrows or a martyr’s life spent –

To serve You, and serve You, and serve You – best!

Final Concern:

Oh God, what if – through bearing these shames

Through living these despairs – my Savior should reign

Amid all personal losses – as I often hazard death

Amass living souls for Christ – at the taming of my flesh

And from Hell’s fires – countless souls plucked from strife

Won through obedience – more souls saved for Christ?


Purpose Embraced:

Heavenly Father then what if – for You I should die –

to my-self – at the price of my pride –

what if my dreams – to You I must give –

to walk Your will – and for others live –

And through these others – in You they abide –

to save more souls – and live for Christ,

what greater dreams – could You have dreamt for me –

what better life – could I have lived for Thee –

how many more souls – to You could I give

Souls You set free – because I lived –

For this my life – for this great cause –

I surrender my hopes – I surrender my life.

Satisfaction Discovered in Love:

What then my God – what better task–

if these were the things – of me You asked?

Let not crashing waves nor mountains high

Oceans deep or height of skies –

Stand between or on the brink

For You I’ll live my life succinct,

thus fill my heart with courage and strength

I’ll follow thee, this cup I’ll drink

I’ll love You, Lord and love Your ways

I’ll love my God beyond end of days,

Embrace my cross and live for Christ

I love You Lord, please take my life!  Amen!

What IF?

Poem by: Steven R. Harrel

Began: 6/2/2010 – Finished July 17th  2015