The Night Watch


The Reckoning

(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

The Exchange:

Following the 2020 World Summit, 85% of the world’s nations agreed to convert from hard-currencies to a vastly more profitable and fiscally more responsible Digital-Currency; this global transition quickly became known as, The Exchange.

The Reckoning:

The Reckoning resulted in a persistent and violent reaction to the global Exchange program.

As considerable portions of the world’s religious and Christian communities rejected Bio-Implants and other technologies associated with the Exchange, Millennials and secular groups alike lashed-out with a lethality neither understood nor previously experienced since the European Holocaust of WWII.

Initially, the Big-Four (Canada, United States, Sweden and France) jockeyed for early implementation of the Exchange program.

Early implementation resulted in Christians responding with deafening declarations, protests and outrage, claiming the new technologies represented a living embodiment of the infamous “Mark of the Beast” as prophesied in Revelation chapter thirteen of the Christian Bible.

When nations continued to implement The Exchange program regardless of roaring dissent, tens of millions of Christians worldwide took to the streets in protest.

For a short period a quiet stalemate lingered; leastwise, until determined governments decided to move forward with the new Financial Reformation Act 2020 (FRA 2020) which immediately required “Chipping” for all military, State and Federal prisoners senior or juvenile dependents.

Enforcement of FRA 2020 went global resulting in the most volatile engagement between Christians and government forces in the history of the world.  The streets of Dallas, Texas USA; Beijing, China; Marseille, France; Berlin, Germany and many more flowed with the blood of the saints.

Six months following the enactment of FRA 2020 the world-wide Christian death toll reached more than 40 million.

Millions of Christians were slain in the streets via militant secular groups or activists while millions more were either imprisoned or killed by government forces attempting to stem religious acts of civil-disobedience.

One leading Millennial, Julia Dominic, had this to say, “How dare Christians tell us we’re damned for simply receiving the federally mandated ID, which just happens to be in the form of a Micro-Chip.  Christians are just too old-fashioned and antiquated for anyone to take them serious about “Chipping”.  Bio-Implants are nothing more than a new Smart Phone or a new I-Pad.  How absurd, the “Mark of the Beast;’ really?  Give me a break! It’s just a REAL ID.”

(Watch for the continuing saga!)