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The Night Watch



(An Ongoing Saga by Steven R. Harrel)

(Taken from concepts found in “This Side of the Whirlwind”)

The Prince of Salem took the book from the right hand of Him who sat on the Throne; and when He had touched the first Seal, thunder resounded through 

the heavens and the Kingdom of the North went forth preparing for war and to make war!


News in the World today: October 1st 2017

  • In the Middle East, Iran launches another series of attacks on civilian targets throughout the Strait of Hormuz. Both Qatar and Bahrain were recipients of Iran’s ire as Iranian commandos loosed strafing runs into the business district off Amwaj Avenue near the Muju Restaurant and Lounge. Though several bystanders were wounded there were no fatalities.
  • Though famine continues to ravage parts of Yemen, King Abdulaziz Al Saud refuses to offer any relief or humanitarian aid claiming Israel is fomenting insurrection in the region. King Saud states, “Saudi Arabia will not be misdirected by infidels.”  SA-News also received an anonymous tip from sources close to the Royal Family stating, “The King would like to see a significant reduction in Yemen’s overall population before His Highness will authorize military withdrawal or humanitarian aid.”
  • Japanese Prime Minister livid over today’s North Korean launch of mid-range ballistic missiles. The ballistic missiles systems launched over Japanese territories earlier this month were reportedly nuclear payload capable.  Japan’s PM openly denounced the NoKo’s leadership, declaring their actions outrageous!”
  • “The recent withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan may have been premature,” says an unidentified White House official. Latest Intel reports the rallying of terrorist cells south and east of Kandahar.  “Another war may be inevitable,” says Afghani leaders.
  • Israel’s IDF beefing up security following President Trump’s announcement…

The weekend had officially begun as Jax Dominic, and his best friend Hamza, banked their grill off the southern tip of Lake Michigan.  The picnic area was one of their favorites near the Western Riverwalk at the beachfront edge of Ogden Dunes, Illinois.  The two longtime friends were joking and laughing as they barbecued kabobs and Sea Bass on the resort’s grill.

Kali, Hamza’s girlfriend, was setting up the picnic table, tossing a large colorful tablecloth over the wooden planks and arranging condiments as Julia Dominic, shuttled food, drinks and gear from her blue 2010 Nissan Murano SL.  Everyone was happily pitching-in preparing for the day’s fun and festivities.  Local News played softly over the radio as Julia switched the station searching for something more festive and spirited.

“Wait! I wanna hear that.” Hamza shouts.

“Too late,” Jax quips.

“Wow!  Did you hear what they were saying on the radio?” Hamza asks, speaking with his hands.

“Nah, I wasn’t really listening, Bub,” Jax chuckles.

“They just said Trump was moving the United States Embassy to Jerusalem!”

“Really!” Jax feigns outrage. “Good grief, what will Trump do next?”

“Ha, ha. You just don’t get the significance of what they’re doing.” Hamza shakes his head.

“What’s the big deal?  So they move our Embassy?”  Jax smirks, “Jerusalem is Israel’s capital anyways.  It was their capital 2000 years ago; shouldn’t it be their capital today?”

Kali looks at Jax as if he’s an idiot, “It’s the US legitimizing Israel’s occupation of Palestine, Butt-head!”

“Hamz, the Jews have been back in Israel for almost 70 years now.  How much more legit can they become?  Besides, you two aren’t even Palestinians.  Hamza, you’re Saudi and your people don’t seem to have much of an issue with Israel; leastwise, not anymore.  So, live and let live, man… live and let live.”

“You know, it legitimizes the Christian position too, Jax.” Julia jibes.

“How’s that?” Jax asks.

“You strengthen Israel’s position and you strengthen the Christians, and visa-versa.” Kali snaps.

Jax raises an eyebrow, “Man, I hate those Christians!  I really hate what they’re doing to our wonderful country.  Can’t say I’d really thought that far ahead on this embassy thing, but if it encourages those religiously nutty antiquated Christians; well then, count me against it too.”

Kali chuckles, “Hey, did you guys see the face of that Professor who was teaching on Intelligent Design last week; you know, when the auditorium started chanting, ‘No more lies!  No more religion!  No more lies!  No more religion!’”

Hamza laughed and said, “Yeah!  I think I’m gonna put that on a T-shirt.  You know, we did such a good job of shouting him down that no matter how much they turned up the volume he couldn’t overcome the crowd.”

“Oh yeah!  The guy must have felt like a complete idiot trying to speak over a thousand protesters.” Jax adds.

Julia chimes in, “If those stupid Christians keep protesting our LGBTBML platform we’ll just have to keep shouting ‘em down and drive ‘em off our campuses.”

Jax sneers as he says, “Christians don’t belong on our campuses anyways.  They don’t belong in the 21st century.  It’s so obvious their time has passed.  I don’t understand how they can’t see that for themselves.  Their teachings are just ridiculous and antiquated.”

“I hear ya, Jax” Hamza says.

Jax continues, “Did you hear that Christian guy last week in Professor Donavan’s class?  You know, the guy claiming those Micro-Chips, the ones offered for free at the Mall, there on campus; he said they’re the “Mark of the Beast”.  Can you believe that guy?  That guy’s such a joke!”

“Hey guys, have you heard about the next religious guest-speaker presenting on campus next week?” Kali smiling a kind of sinister smile.

Everyone simply shook their heads and waited for Kali to continue.

“There are plans to cover the speakers in honey and then paper them with confetti made exclusively from the University’s scientific journals.”  Kali laughs as she says, “Isn’t that totally apropos?”

(Watch for the continuing saga!)