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Glorious Tomorrow?

What tomorrow is there for Christians?

First thing to remember: Christians have an endless stream of tomorrows.

Whatever trauma we bear on this earth will be counted as inconsequential in light of the glorious tomorrows we will enjoy; for, we will sport incorruptible bodies in a God blessed environment.  In fact, over time we will likely forget any sufferings endured, even as women dismiss natal sufferings for the prize of their cherished children.

That having been said/written, tomorrow is coming whether we’re prepared for the Tribulation or not.  As the Jews of Europe 1934 were heading for the Holocaust… SO the Christians today are heading for the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation.

Bear in mind, we NOW know the Tribulation is not the Wrath of God!  The Tribulation is a period of separation designed to separate True from Pseudo Christians; the committed Believer from the Lukewarm (Matthew 7:24-30).


Are YOU preparing for the Coming Storm?

When the Mark of the Beast hits, becoming mandatory (remember, it is already here) what will you do?

What will you buy food with?

How will you pay your rent/mortgage?

What about dependent parents in Assisted-Living facilities?


The list is substantial…

I know this concept is daunting, but the Great Consummation IS coming.

All the signs are falling into place.

The Prophecies are fulfilled and being fulfilled.

GOOD GRIEF – the Mark of the Beast technology actually exists RIGHT NOW!

How long before your company/government begins using Bio-Implants?

Did you know… there are currently IT companies all over the world which actively seek-out employees willing to receive Micro-Chip implants?  These companies also week out those not willing (not speaking about current employees).


Just remember this: ANYONE, that means Christians, who takes the “MARK” will suffer damnation.

We do have an eternally Glorious Tomorrow IF we do not take/receive the “Mark of the Beast”!

Oh yeah, and we can’t bow before the Beast or his image either.

I knew you knew that, duh!

So if you’re looking for that Glorious Tomorrow: https://thissideofthewhirlwind.wordpress.com/2017/08/31/meeting-jesus-this-side-of-the-whirlwind/

Know what is coming!