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The Decimation 10

The Great Tribulation Decimation

As a young-person I was taught the Great Tribulation was the Wrath of God and therefore the Body of Christ would be Raptured before the Tribulation Period came upon the world.

You know – the whole…

“For God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thessalonians 5:9 NKJV).

For some reason the secular world along with Lukewarm Christians were going to suffer 7 years of Judgment just for Judgment sake AND no one could truly explain why.

What I wanted to know was GOD’S plan and no one seemed to have real answers.

Pastors and laypersons gave me platitudes as to why God would visit Double-Jeopardy upon a sinful world – but no one could provide a solid reason behind “The Great Tribulation’s” 7 years of summary Judgment.

(So God brought me to this place)

  • At nine years old I was filled with the Holy Spirit after seeing an angel; in that same moment I began hearing God’s voice.  I have prophesied for 48 years with a 98% accuracy rate.  That is the Lord!
  • When I was 12 years old God spoke to me and asked me why Jesus’ ministry spanned 3½ years; I searched for that answer for more than 35 years before God revealed the answer.
  • In Italy God gave me a song I titled, “Come to Me” in which the message was End-Times related but foreign to me in several ways. When performing this song I used to offer Pastors and Laypersons alike $100.00 to tell me what the song meant. No one ever collected the $100.00.  Yes, the answer is in our book.
  • At age 25 the Lord spoke to me and shared a concept regarding the 7 years segment in the “Seventy Weeks of Daniel” prophecy; you see to date, no one worldwide knew how to properly calculate the 49 year segment.  Yes, that answer is in, “This Side of the Whirlwind” too.
  • In 1998 the Lord told me to stop watching or listening to the News or reading News-Papers. The Lord also ordered me to stop reading anything having to do with the End Times.
  • Then, in 2006 God sent me to a Pastor’s Conference saying He would give me a Word of Knowledge once I arrived. He did, speaking to me and saying, “Habakkuk 2:3 in the NIV”.  One week later a friend pulled out her NIV Bible and turned to Habakkuk 2:2-3 and then told me the Lord instructed her to give me this scripture along with Joel 2:28-32 which deals with the End-Times.
  • In the summer of 2006 the Lord directed me to write a book on the End Times.
  • Just a couple of weeks later the Lord gave me the same dream two nights in a row; the dream instructed me to ask a specific person who I should use for an editor when the book was finished or ready for editing.
  • Years later, when “This Side of the Whirlwind” was ready for editing I sought that person out and asked the Lord for confirmation she should be my editor.
  • Before we met for our first appointment the Lord told me she was the one and that HE, the Lord would confirm her as the one through a very specific series of events which would come to pass. Each element came to pass just as promised.
  • “This Side of the Whirlwind” required ten years of hearing God’s voice and seeing God’s visions and digging the references out of God’s Word ‘after’ the Lord showed me HIS plan for the Latter Days and the End Times.
  • There were and are many other evidences with have established the book, “This Side of the Whirlwind, The Coming Apocalypse” that message Daniel was told to conceal “until the time of the END”. 
  • All of these evidences are spelled out in detail in our “True-Life” series.  Read for yourself.

Add to these evidences this fact: in 1990 God sent me into obscurity for more than two decades – telling me I was to be taken out of the workforce and ministry until told otherwise.  Altogether, I have spent 29 years waiting on and listening to the Lord speak “in Jesus’ name” as He imparted the Mysteries Daniel was told to conceal until the Bride was made ready.  We are that generation of the Body of Christ.


A clarification just for ‘new-readers: the term Great Consummation refers to a 3½ year period formerly thought to be the 7 year Great Tribulation.

Since the advent of this revelation released – by God – as promised (Daniel 12:4-9),

We now know the Great Tribulation is a 2½ year period of Separation within the total 3½ year Great Consummation timeline.  See the following posts for more clarification: https://thissideofthewhirlwind.wordpress.com/2017/06/23/the-great-consummation-the-series/

So here are the Decimation Conclusions.

    • The purpose for the period commonly but mistakenly referred to as The Great Tribulation is to complete the last 3½ years of Christ’s Covenant with humanity (Daniel 9:27; Revelation 12:12-17). Christ’s Covenant does include a Judgment portion but that judgment is not the primary purpose for the entire 3½ years.
    • Though God did ordain a 7 year period to fulfill this specific Covenant/CONTRACT (Daniel 9:27) Jesus fulfilled the first 3½ years during His 3½ years ministry.
    • Jesus’ 3½ years of ministry fulfilled the “Blessings” half of this two part covenant referred to in Deuteronomy 11:26-28 and Isaiah 61:1-2. The Isaiah reference names the first half of the Covenant “The Acceptable Year of the Lord” and the second half of the Covenant “The Day of Vengeance of Our God”.
    • This is why Luke 21:22 refers to: “These be the days of Vengeance that all things written might be fulfilled.”
    • Jesus said HE was fulfilling the Blessings Half of the Covenant in Luke 4:21 when HE said, “Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” Which is just one confirmation which establishes Jesus’ fulfillment, completing the first 3½ years of Christ’s Covenant.
    • It’s important to note, the 2000 years between Christ’s 3½ years of ministry and the 3½ years for the Great Consummation IS to fulfill the “Time of the Gentiles” more commonly referred to as “The Church Age”. This period has allowed God to reach every corner of the earth; all the nations of the world have had the opportunity to know Jesus in fulfillment of GOD’s promise to Abraham. Genesis 12:1-3 (In you shall all the nations of the world be blessed).
    • With the first 3½ years of the covenant completed by Jesus’… all that remains is for the Great Consummation to complete the last 3½ years of Christ’s 7 year contract (Daniel 9:27b).
    • The remaining 3½ years IS the Great Consummation which includes but is not limited by the Curses or Judgment half of the Covenant.
    • The Great Consummation is the End Times!
    • The 2½ years for the Great Tribulation will begin the Great Consummation.
    • The Great Tribulation will be a time of challenge for the people of God. This is that period designed to separate True-Christians (the committed believer) from the Pseudo-Christians (Lukewarm – those who will compromise their walk with Jesus for food, shelter, comfort etc…).
    • The Tribulation Saints are and will be those Christians alive and kicking today; we are that generation which will live through the Great Tribulation of the Great Consummation and become the Tribulation Saints!
    • We are that group of Christians who “as the Bride” will make themselves ready (Revelation 19:7).
    • We are also that generation of the Saints which will be overcome by the Beast and his armies (Daniel 7:25; Revelation 13:7).
    • We are also that generation for which two-thirds of all Christians will be killed/martyred  for our faith (Zechariah 13:8-9).
    • We, the Saints of God, go through the crucible of the Great Tribulation, not the Wrath of God.  The Wrath will be much worse!
    • Immediately after the Tribulation Period the sun, moon and stars will be darkened and Jesus will split the skies and then send His angels to the four corners of the earth to gather His elect: those who have remained faithful and not bowed before the Beast, his image or received the “Mark” of his name (Matthew 24:13; Revelation 12:11).
    • At the moment the Saints of God have left the planet the “Day of the Lord” will begin bringing the Wrath of God upon an unrepentant earth.
    • When we, the Saints, return WITH Jesus at the 2nd Advent the “Time of the “Gentiles” will be over.
    • AND THEN every knee will bow and tongue confess Jesus as Lord!

In case you’re wondering… ALL the mistaken Christian End Times teachings took the big detour at Daniel 9:27.  They thought the Beast/Anti-Christ was the “HE” in Daniel 9:27.

Theologians and Scholars couldn’t really help their mistakes because God told everyone HE was “Closing up the Words and Sealing the Book until the time of the END!  The power of God made it impossible to know what is going to take place.  When God conceals a thing it remains concealed until HE says otherwise!

Though God has likely given this message to others (it’s a big world…) don’t believe any other message as through it was from God.  Trust “This Side of the Whirlwind” because it lines up perfectly with God’s Word.

More than three years challenging the whole world and to date… not one person has found a single error with our message.  Why, because it was given by God.

Praise the Lord, we now have his authorized End Times message; that message promised to be revealed when the world entered THE TIME OF THE END!

Prepare, for the end draws nigh FOLKS!