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The Second Half of Christ’s Covenant

The Series

One of the more important NEW revelations for this generation of the Saints is a revelation on “The Second Half of Christ’s Covenant”.

Why is this revelation so important, you might ask?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

The Second Half of Christ’s Covenant is the Great Consummation.

I know, most people call this period the Great Tribulation and mistakenly believe it will span 7 years, BUT the good news is this… the Great Consummation will only span 3½ years and we have volumes of proof.  However, we have covered that proof in several additional Posts.

For now, because our Post “The Decimation 9” will be released tomorrow… we want to make sure our readers have access to “The Second Half of Christ’s Covenant” information.

So here it is Whirlwind Fans!

Tap on the links below and read to your heart’s content.

Be blessed!

The Second Half of Christ’s Covenant Part 1


The Second Half of Christ’s Covenant Part 2



The Second Half of Christ’s Covenant Part 3


So if you’re looking for additional information to bolster your understanding on the End Times and the Great Consummation message check out “The Decimation Series” listed below.

Sequence for The Decimation

  • Decimation 1) Purpose/reason for Great Tribulation.
  • Decimation 2) Great Tribulation 7 year fraud
  • Decimation 3) Pronoun He
  • Decimation 4) When will the Day of the Lord take place
  • Decimation 5A) Christian world will be dismantled
  • Decimation 5B) Tribulation Saints
  • Decimation 6) Israel’s Lack of Failure
  • Decimation 7A) Recap 1-6 & We must endure to the End!
  • Decimation 7B) Body of Christ here on earth during Tribulation Period
  • Decimation 8) Rapture
  • Decimation 9) Great Consummation Timeline – Breakdown

Just one Post remains in the Decimation Series!

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