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The Decimation 7a

To Be Here or Not To Be Here?

That is the question isn’t it?

Will Christians remain on earth during the Tribulation Portion of the Great Consummation or will Christians be Raptured before the Great Tribulation begins?

If you’re not sure about this answer then you should read this blog!

Here’s a quick recap and perspective on how “The Decimations” 1-6 answers this question and more pertaining to you and me as the Body of Christ living and surviving in this generation of the Latter Days.


The Decimation 1: God’s reason for the Great Tribulation indicates the Body of Christ will need to be here on earth to fulfill our elements of prophecy even as Jesus was required to fulfill His elements of prophecy as Messiah/Christ.  This Post will also answer some of those questions too.

The Decimation 2: confirms a 7 year Great Tribulation period CANNOT exist; rather, the Great Consummation message proves the Great Consummation will span 3½ years with the actual Great Tribulation only spanning 2½ of those intense years.  The Great Tribulation is a separation period designed by God for the Tribulation Period to separate True-Christians from the Lukewarm-Christian, a process designed to fulfill prophecy (Matthew 13:24-30).  Therefore, the 7 year concept for the Great Tribulation is debunked and cannot exist!

The Decimation 3: provides proof – Jesus (and not ‘the Beast’) represents the pronoun “He” in Daniel 9:27.  Daniel 9:27 is the singular scriptural location from which the doctrine for the 7 year Great Tribulation timeframe is derived.  The Anti-Christ/Beast is touted to form a false 7 year covenant with humanity during the Great Tribulation.  The correct timeline however teaches Jesus fulfilling the first 3½ years of this 7 year Covenant during His ministry.  The second 3½ year period for the Curses or Judgment portion of the Covenant/Contract has been slated to follow sometime in the future during the “Time of the End”.

The Decimation 4: Answers the question, “When will the Day of the Lord take place” and “When will the Sun, Moon and Stars be darkened”.  The answers to these important questions determine when the Tribulation Period will come to an end and when Christ’s return will prompt the Christian Resurrection and or Rapture.

The Decimation 5a: illustrates how the Christian world will be dismantled.  In fulfillment of prophecy “The Church” and all its institutions will cease to function as true Christian institutions during the reign of the Beast; the pseudo-Church will be run by secular individuals via governments who hate Christians and everything Judeo-Christian.

The Decimation 5b: explains who the Tribulation Saints ARE and who they can never be.

The Decimation 6: reveals Israel’s lack of failure in God’s plan for humanity AND Israel’s continued role in God’s plans for The End of Days.  Since the ascension of Jesus the Body of Christ has been fulfilling “The Time of the Gentiles,” or Church Age.  Through the “Church” God has maximized the number of people saved over the last 2,000 years; that is, God and His merciful forbearance.

The Decimation 7 touches on reasons the Body of Christ MUST be on earth during the Great Tribulation portion of the Great Consummation.  We are not talking about the Wrath of God!

One of the primary things to remember when considering God’s plan for humanity during the End of Days is this: as Jesus (the Son of God) was required to fulfill prophecy during His 3½ years of ministry SO TOO must (the Body of Christ) fulfill their prophetic elements during their 3½ years of the Great Consummation .

The Great Consummation is the Saint’s portion of THE Contract to fulfill for all Christendom.

I know… this concept is nearly unknown to most Christians.

Why you might ask?

The simple and true answer to that question is this: the 2nd half of Christ’s Covenant was divinely concealed from Israel and Christendom since the time of Daniel (Daniel 8:11-26; Daniel 12:4-10; Revelation 10:1-7).  Though, at this time, we are not going to touch on why God concealed these portions of End Times doctrine… we will stay on task and look at a couple prophecies which confirm we (the Body of Christ) must be here on earth during the Great Tribulation portion of the Great Consummation.

Here is one of the prominent prophecies for the Bride of Christ making herself ready.

(Excerpt: This Side of the Whirlwind, the Coming Apocalypse page 192)

God keeps the Body of Christ safe from the Beast and his machinations while the saints live through the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation. In this way, the fundamental purpose for the Tribulation Period can be carried out while the Bride of Christ makes herself ready in accordance with required prophecy (Revelation 19:7). God does not remove the Bride during the trials of her faith but instead places His hand of protection over each and every member of the Body of Christ while they endure the great struggles or trials required by prophecy. This process continues as either each individual’s time of trial is completed or it has become time for the individual to suffer the fatal blow for his or her martyrdom. Regardless of the outcome, God’s will is accomplished for the individual’s life, as the believer displays his or her true commitment before his or her God and Savior. This is a fundamental function, purpose, and design established for the Tribulation Period of the Great Consummation. Bear in mind:

“They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death” (Revelation 12:11 NKJV).

We must endure to the end.

Okay Whirlwind Fans… we’ll continue with “The Decimation 7b” in the next few days.

Until then, live 2nd Timothy 2:15!  {Do the TWO-Fifteen!}