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Temple of the Soul

In the temple of our human souls stands an altar of solid unblemished gold

Where polished and burnished, flawless and without seams,

Our hearts are revealed both young and old while living out illusionary themes,

And though without question our hearts are not empty,

They are filled with visions of our deeds, our lives, our desires of flesh.

Yet our living souls in perfect image – where no other can truly read – nor gaze.

It is a place of grand communion – a temple impossible for another soul to brave.

Neither father nor mother nor lover or friend can share this great chasm

Or its unobtainable great seat,

For only Jesus our Savior, Jesus our friend can commune with our soul in our lives without end.

This unique human place where God and human soul can chance meet,

Where God can become friend and our soul He can mend,

Beyond treasure, beyond prize in our short diminutive lives,

Christ abiding in the Temple of our Souls as Bridegroom with Bride,

Friend and befriended, alive and ever alive.

By Steven R. Harrel                                                           Finished 6/18/2019