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Hey Whirlwind Fans, we’ve returned for a season from preparing for the Coming Storm.

I was also under the weather having received a bit of surgery on my knee.

Incapacitated for a season – if you will.

Well, we’re back at it bringing the good message of Christ’s return to all the Children of the Lord!  That’s you and me. 🙂

Well, hope you were preparing for the coming of the Great Tribulation while we were away?

Remember Whirlwind Fans, we are in it to win it.

The time of the End draws nigh!

Christians of this generation must live through the Great Tribulation in order to fulfill prophecy.

I know this isn’t the popular party line, HOWEVER, your spirit resonates with the truth of what I’ve just written.

We are the Bride of Christ and we are the ones who need to make ourselves ready (Revelation 19:7).

We are the Believers who are OF the understanding!!


Because we have received the revelation which was intended to be MADE available during the time of the END (Daniel 12:4-9).

We are the Saints who will understand and will instruct many; AND WE are those who for many days — will fall by the sword — and by flame — and by captivity — and through plundering.

We are the ones who, when we fall shall be helped by a little help from the Lord.

We are those of understanding who will be refined and purified and made white even until the time of the end.  This has nothing to do with our salvation.  This is the fulfillment of prophecy even as Jesus Himself had to live through prophecy!

BECAUSE, the time of the End and fulfillment of the Second Half of Christ’s Prophecy is still set for an appointed time. a time coming all too soon.

Honestly, The Decimation 6 is coming soon, now.