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Here’s another one of my Prayers I stumbled across and thought you might enjoy.

Here’s to hoping Jesus enjoyed them each and every one!

Sweeter the Moments

Oh Lord, my God, sweeter are the moments I spend with You;

Glorious are the months and years I have known my King.

Your will, my honor to obey

The sound of Your voice, Oh most beautiful of symphonies to my soul

And rudder of my will

And Song of my happiness.

Thank You, Risen Savior, for the holy condition of my soul

(Colossians 1:19-27)

The unblameable station of my sinful existence

And the unpunishable nature of my life in this world;

For You are my reconciliation (Daniel 9:24 edict #3).

Oh glorious God, let me live each day in You!

Lord, You know my needs and the desire of my heart:

Thank You for being my sufficiency

According to Your will, thank You my God.

To You – my Savior – I sing, I shout, I live and proclaim

All glory and power and praise now and through all the Ages to come!

Let Us Adore!